4 Outdoor Ideas for an Awesome Stag Party

So, one of your friends or family members is getting hitched soon and you have to help organize a memorable party! Although you might be extremely excited about having a day out with guys, it can be quite a challenging task.

Over the last few years, especially since the pandemic in early 2020, being outdoors is the best way of having a stag party. Not only are there plenty of options in the great outdoors, but large indoor gatherings are not advised during these unprecedented times.

We have combined a list of outdoor ideas to help you decide what to do. If you want help, you can hire professional stag party organizers such as ozpartyevents.com.

1. Tubing Down The River

A popular party pastime in many parts of the world is tubing down a lazy river. This can be found in areas all around the globe including a small town in Laos called Vang Vieng. However, you don’t need to travel to South East Asia to enjoy the tubing experience. You can easily pump up an old inner tire or you can even purchase an inflatable ring, find a lazy river close by, and off you go.

Keep in mind, especially if there is alcohol involved that you and others are aware of the dangers. Only go when the river is shallow and make sure everyone wears a lifejacket. Bring a dry bag with you so your items don’t get wet. Also, if it’s a hot day, don’t forget your sunscreen!

2. Soccer Games

Soccer is the most played sport on the planet, however, a game of 11 a side is probably far too serious for a party. Luckily, there are plenty of fun soccer games out there that have become extremely popular with both hen and stag parties such as:

  • Bubble soccer: Your stag group is split into two separate teams. Each person has to put on an inflatable bubble, chase the ball, and score goals. Bouncing off one another is the best part of the game. While you wear the bubble, it is often difficult to see which can add to the enjoyment. This game is bound to make you and your buddies laugh for a long time.
  • Soccer table tennis: You might have come across this before, as many professionals use these tables to improve their skills. You follow the same rules as table tennis however with a soccer ball. The table is curved on each side to help with the bounce of the ball. Each team is broken up into teams of two, so it’s probably best if you create a cup of a league format. This is the only soccer game mentioned that you need to have experience with. If people on the stag have never played football before, avoid playing this game.
  • Foot Darts: It seems more and more Foot Dart boards are popping up around the world. Originally, they were only popular in certain areas in Europe however you can find them on every continent on the planet now. The idea is to kick a ball against an extremely large dartboard made from velcro. The special ball will stick to the board. You can play all types of traditional dart board games on it, which will provide your stag group hours of entertainment.
  • Foot Golf: After the global recession in 2008, lots of golf courses found them in financial difficulty. With a lack of people paying for green fees and regulars not renewing their annual membership, many courses were forced to close down. However, others decided to tap into a growing market. Foot Golf is just like normal golf, but instead of using a golf ball and golf club, you kick an actual soccer ball. The rules are the same as golf, however, most of the players don’t take it as seriously as a traditional game of golf! The holes on the course are designed perfectly for a soccer ball.

If the stag is a soccer fanatic, the chances are he will love these games mentioned.

3. Paddle Boarding Camping Trip

A paddle board camping trip is a great idea for a stag do. Paddle boards have become extremely popular over recent years, and in many popular camping areas, there are businesses that lease them out to customers. If people on the stag have never used a paddle board in the past, watching them try getting used to the technique will provide plenty of entertainment. Although they look easy to master, many struggles to get the balance right and end up falling into the water.

Camping has always been a popular option for a stag do. There is nothing better than cooking a big BBQ after a long day’s paddle boarding with all of the stags friends while enjoying some ice-cold beers. Bring along a guitar and get a campfire going to make it a really special day!

Before you go out to paddle boarding, check the weather conditions. If there are high winds expected, it might be the safest option to do something different instead. Also, if some people on the stag are not confident swimmers, make sure they bring a lifejacket. Also, make contact with the paddle board rental shop to see if they have enough boards for each person at the party. Consider paying a deposit to reserve the boards in case they have a lot of customers on that day.

4. Water Activities

There are plenty of different water sports that will prove highly entertaining for everyone. Here are a few wet and wild ideas for the stag:

  • Waterparks: These are often a great place to get the adrenaline going during a stag party. Some of the waterparks nowadays offer their customers a chance to go down some incredible big slides. Wave machines and lazy rivers are also great fun, especially with a large number of people.
  • Jet Skiing: There are plenty of beaches that have jet skies available to rent during the warmer times of the year. If you can find an area that has lots of jet skies for rent, you might be able to get each person out at sea at the same time.
  • Boat parties: Renting a private boat for a boat party is a very popular choice. Often these boats have inflatable bananas or tires to add to the fun. Find out if they have a bar on the boat, and if they don’t you might want to bring some booze before the trip starts. Also, enquire to see if there is a DJ onboard. If there isn’t a DJ available you might consider hiring your own or bringing speakers with you to get the party going!

Similar to tubing, water activities can be dangerous, especially if there is alcohol involved. Also, remind everyone to bring sunblock with them!


If you have been given the job to organize the stag party, consider asking others for feedback before you make your choice. The stag might have hinted to others what they would like to do for the day. Other close friends and family members might also help you come up with a plan. Speak with others and find out what the best stag parties they have been on in the past will also help.

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