5 Apps for Traveling Through the Great Australian Outdoors

Australia is one of the most exciting continents on this planet. Being a big chunk of land all connected together, which is mostly still untouched by humanity, you can enjoy travels and adventures in different parts knowing that you are probably the first person to be there.

There’s everything to see, from spectacular beaches to mountains to deserts. Anything you feel like visiting and spending time with – you’ll find it in Australia. The only thing to mind is the wildlife and the many venomous and dangerous species lurking and waiting for a chance to attack.

Traveling through this continent is one of the most exciting things to do. Staying safe is imperative while doing it, so to mix pleasure and safety, you’ll need to equip your smartphone with the most valuable apps for such an opportunity.

In this article, we’re sharing five apps that will help you enjoy the trip in nature to the max. We will share five ideas and explain why they are great. Keep reading to learn the essential apps for travel through the great Australian continent.

1. All Trails

This fantastic app marks the paths where it’s safe and enjoyable to hike, run, or bike. It is a true adventure that will help you get your way through nature. The All Trails app has more than 5,000 trails marked across the continent of Australia.

If you want to be entirely safe and always know where you’re headed, this app will be an excellent idea for you. Run it on your phone, and always know where you are. With it, you’ll have no chance to lose yourself in the wilderness and always know what to do.

2. Google Maps

No matter what someone says, there’s no better app when you need an Australia road trip map than Google Maps. The system connected with the satellites in the sky always provides your exact location and always knows exactly how far away you are from a particular place.

When you feel lost and there’s no internet, Google Maps still works without an internet connection. The GPS signal on your phone finds you through the satellites, and when you know exactly where you are, it’s easy to find your way to the place you’re headed. The map displays all surrounding objects, and you will quickly get where you need to go.

3. UVLens

When you’re outside in the summer, and the heat is unbearable, you need to be protected from the dangerous UV light coming from the sun. This app running in the background will remind you that you must stay protected by notifying you how dangerous the sun is.

The sun is not dangerous throughout the entire day, though. Some periods are fine to walk without any protection. Furthermore, it’s wise to enjoy some time under the sun without any protection because that’s a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Too much exposure and when the sun produces too many unhealthy UV rays means staying away from it and applying protective sunscreen.

4. Sweatcoin

When you’re going for a walk in nature, it means that you’ll spend a lot of time on foot. With so many pedometer apps out there counting how many steps you’ve made, this is probably the only one that pays you for doing it.

Sweatcoing is an app that counts your steps and is ready to pay for what you’re doing. How? By adding crypto coins to your balance. The more steps you make, the more coins you’ll earn. Sweatcoin is used for buying various products available in-app. So, if you’re installing a pedometer, why not use this one – you’ll earn something from it.

5. Stellarium

Stellarium is an incredible app for anyone who loves the stars. When you’re out there camping, and the skies are free from light pollution, you can see the stars with bright visibility. When you look up, you see the stars, but you don’t know which one is which.

The Stellarium app shows you the names of the stars and constellations and provides excellent info on the sky. If you’re an astronomy lover, this one is definitely for you, even if you’re not going into nature. Using this app is magical when you spend the night camping under the open sky.


When exploring the Australian lands, you want the best time possible. If you’re an experienced adventurer, you already know what is best for you. If you’re doing this for the first time, you’ll want to consider these apps as they are excellent for safety and fun.

Before heading off, ensure you have everything packed, and you shouldn’t rely on these apps alone. They are primarily for fun and joy, but you’ll need many other items that ensure safety. Prepare perfectly, and have a great time in nature.

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