5 Bucket List Hunts for Those with Cash to Travel the World

5 Bucket List Hunts for Those with Cash to Travel the World

Did you know the deer family (known as Cervidae) contains 43 species? While you may be inclined to hunt deer native to your location, there are more exotic species in other regions of the world. These include the popular red stag and Arizona elk.

However, participating in game hunts often requires an upfront fee. You need the money to travel the world and participate in game hunts. With the proper funding, doing one or several bucket list hunts would be a great adventure.

New Zealand Red Stag Hunt

Red Stags are the most exotic deer species indigenous to North America, Europe, Northwest Africa, and Asia. They’re also found in New Zealand, which is one of the top spots for tourist hunters.

The Red Stag deer can weigh up to 500 lbs. and can grow up to 98 inches tall. In comparison to other species, the red stags are slightly more aggressive, especially during the rutting season from September to November. Between those months,it’s best not to get too close to them.

All in all, red stags from New Zealand are popular among hunters all over the world.

Alaskan Caribou

Alaskan Caribou

Caribou are actually the same species as reindeer, but Reindeer and Caribou differ in a few ways. One is that Caribou actively migrate to Alaska from the Canadian region before the start of summer every year. Caribou’s migration is unique to their species, according to the US National Park Service, and protects their young from predators while gaining access to more food sources. As soon as the winter season begins, these magnificent deer return south.

You may as well find other types of deer in Alaska. For instance, the Sitka blacktails are extremely popular amongst hunters. Many people specifically travel to Kodiak Island to hunt these species.

With that, if you are looking for some diversity, then you may as well find mountain goats and Dall sheep in regions of higher elevation.

Arizona Elk

The Bull Elk is incredibly popular throughout North America. In specific, elks with antlers measuring up to 375 inches or more have a high value. However, this hunt is neither easy nor cheap. So, you may have to sometimes wait patiently for years.

Also referred to as the wapiti, elks are herbivores and can weigh up to 1100 pounds. Furthermore, at shoulder level, elks can be as tall as 5 feet. Furthermore, these animals typically move in large herds during the winter. However, within these herds, the females and males remain separate.

Midwestern Whitetail Deer

The midwestern whitetail deer is yet another fascinating deer species, especially in Kansas, Iowa, and Illinois. Travelers from all over the world travel to these states in the US to hunt the whitetail deer.

In winter, these deer develop a greyish-brown coat while in the summer, they look brown or tan. The most notable trait of the whitetail deer is the white patch that runs down its throat and beneath its tail.

At the same time, the male species are recognized by their symmetrical antlers whereas the female species lack antlers altogether. Likewise, male whitetail deer can weigh as much as 300 pounds, whereas females weigh up to 200 pounds.

Wyoming Pronghorn Antelope

Without a doubt, Wyoming is a heaven for hunters looking for pronghorn antelopes. After all, these species are indigenous to this area and have the highest concentration of them in North America. Anybody who has taken a drive through this state can confirm this.

Wyoming Pronghorn Antelope

Note that pronghorn antelopes do not strictly belong to the deer family and are not actually antelopes either. According to the BBC, they are an older sister species that survived an extinction 11,000 years ago. Pronghorns are the last of their species. Their closest relatives are actually giraffes.

This distinction does not stop deer hunters from pursuing these hunts too. After all, pronghorn hunts are just as exciting and adventurous. Along with that, they are fast runners. At their max, they can achieve speeds up to 43 miles per hour. They have a predictable behavior pattern which makes it easy for hunters to track their location.

These herbivores typically rely on seeds, shoots, and grass. Furthermore, they are said to be quicker in comparison to deer, with a heightened sense of smell and hearing. This makes antelope hunting more challenging for some people.

Check it Off Your List

Pursuing your bucket lists hunts offers you a once in a lifetime adventure. While they’re by no means easy or inexpensive endeavors, the experience more than makes up for it. You’ll get to partake in a legendary journey that’s unparalleled, even today.


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