5 Things To Consider To Have A Boat Trip In Italy

Because of the stunning coastline, picture-perfect lakes, and world-famous canals, Italy is an excellent choice for a holiday that involves staying refreshed on the water. On a clear day, the Italian Lakes are a paradise, with their picture-perfect cities nestled along the shores of the lakes and hidden among the towering mountains. There are numerous enjoyable ways to get throughout Italy by water boats, from ferries to gondolas, kayaks to yachts, and everything in between.

Here are five things that you should know and consider before having a boat trip in Italy including things such as the costs, the duration, and the appropriate clothing. 

1. Choosing the Right Boat 

There are many types of boats to ride the waterways in Italy. Transportation options vary according to the destination. To know about the best Italian destinations and the best things to do in each place, click here. Depending on where you wish to visit, such as your budget, the time you want to spend on the water, etc. the ride differs. Get the most out of your boating experience by picking the right kind of ride as per your budget and destination. 


And if you are looking forward to visiting the city by water, especially if you are visiting Venice, then the best way is riding a gondola, a kind of boat. The classic version of the gondola is a flat-bottomed wooden boat that is known for its elegance and grace. 

The cost of a ride in a gondola is regulated and established by law. The current rates are 80 euros throughout the day and 100 euros after 7 p.m. Typically, rides take around 30 minutes. Extra time on the water costs 40 euros every 20 minutes or 50 euros after 7 p.m. Before making a reservation, you can see how much a gondola ride will cost. Also, know that there will probably be an added price if you book your gondola ride through a hotel or an agency. There’s room for six individuals in a gondola. They are transferable without further cost.

Hop on Hop off Boat Tour

Select this alternative if you wish to take a boat tour while also having the flexibility to see the most important attractions in Venice whenever it is most convenient for you. This ride allows you to hop on and off to see the main spots of the destination. Hop on hop off boats usually provide service for 2 hours to 2 days and cost 18 to 70 euros. So you can enjoy this ride in the water for short to long periods. 

Cruise Tour 

If you are searching for a full and extensive trip, one option you have is to go on a cruise tour, which, depending on the choices you make, can last anywhere from two to four hours. A tour may just consist of wandering along the Grand Canal, which is Venice’s primary waterway, or it may include a visit to the islands of Burano and Murano. The cruise tour’s duration is 25 minutes to 1 day and the cost ranges from 20 to 100 euros depending on the duration and services.


Taking a yacht cruise across Sardinia is a fantastic way to see the island, as you can stop at different ports along the coast, explore other towns, and enjoy the local cuisine and beaches. There are many smaller islands off of Sardinia that are well worth visiting and can be reached by ferry. The rent of a motor yacht in Italy can cost anywhere from $32,600 to millions of dollars per week, plus expenses. A sailing yacht charter costs between $29,000 and $560,000 per week, plus expenses, on average. Choose a motorboat or sailing yacht depending on your budget and preference. 


Some of Italy’s most beautiful coastline may be seen in Liguria, specifically along the region’s namesake “Italian Riviera.” In this category is the region of Cinque Terre. Taking one of the many ferries that run regularly is the best way to explore Cinque Terre. The price of ferry tickets ranges from £25.20 to £86.00, based on which ferry you choose.


Vaporetto are water buses that serve as a standard mode of public transit in Italy along the canals of the cities. Tourists can ride the vaporetti (plural of Vaporetto) along the major waterways, out to the lagoon’s islands, and all around the islands themselves. Despite the crowds, they are the cheapest mode of transportation. An unlimited ride ticket good for 75 minutes from the time of validation costs 7.50 euros. If you plan to get down to different spots and again use the Vaporetto, you better buy a 1-day or 2-day pass, which will cost you £20 or £30. 

2. Consider The Weather And Season

If you’re taking a gondola ride on a sunny summer day, you should be aware that there’s nothing to shield you from the sun. They do not carry any kind of awnings or sun umbrellas. Even though it’s more expensive, a gondola ride at sunset or after dark is stunningly gorgeous and romantic. The early morning hours are ideal for riding the boat due to the pleasant temperature and gentle light. But in other boats like cruise, there are shades to save you from the sun and rain.

Before you set sail, make yourself acquainted with the weather patterns of the area. But renting or hiring a boat is always going to be one of the most enjoyable things to do in Italy, regardless of the season. The actual temperatures in Italy during the month of April will vary, depending on where you are. But in general, you can plan on days that are mild to warm and particularly evenings that are cool but pleasant. 

The months of June and July are considered to be the busiest times in Italy in terms of travel and boat riding, and in February there is less crowd. Thus, traveling to Italy during the month of February will save you the most money.

3. Sight Guiding 

On the cruises, there are guides to provide briefings about the sights. As waterbuses are regular transportation, usually they don’t give any commentary on the scenarios. In the case of gondolas, It is possible that some of the gondoliers will provide commentary on the sights you see along the way; however, this is not guaranteed. It is in your best interest to have this conversation before embarking on the ride if you want them to share information on the surrounding areas. And, of course, let your gondolier know in advance where you intend to go on your gondola ride if you already have a specific location in mind. There is a possibility of additional expenses.

4. Price Negotiation 

The rates for the boat trips are fixed. Mostly You have to buy tickets for the water rides thus, there is no opportunity for price negotiation. Though gondola rides may be a different case sometimes, mostly the going rate for a gondola ride in Venice is fixed and cannot be negotiated. The going rate for a private 25-minute gondola trip in Venice is 80 euros and the evening gondola ride is 120 euros. Tell the gondolier beforehand if you’d like to extend your tour and find out how much it would cost.

However, if you request a longer ride, you and your gondolier can talk about the details of your excursion, including the cost and how long it will last, and may consider the price a little. Remember, though, that gondoliers are often busy and have little reason, especially in the summer, to lower their rates to attract customers.

5. Attire To Consider On The Boat 

Outfitting yourself for a boat ride should prioritize ease, convenience, and practicality. Your attire for a boat journey in Italy will vary depending on the vessel you select, but here are some general necessities to keep in mind.

Pack a variety of loose, comfy garments to wear. T-shirts, light day dresses, shorts, jeans, and skirts are all suitable options for boat attire. When sailing during the warmer months, it’s especially important to pack lightweight, breathable textiles like linen and cotton. It’s best to Keep it simple when it’s hot out there. Clothes made of linen are always a good choice for summer because they are light and let air through.

You can bring a scarf or pashmina if you plan to travel during the winter. This is a simple piece of clothing that you may throw over your shoulders to spruce up an outfit or to keep you warm if it is chilly outside.

In addition to sunscreen, bring a sun visor, wide-brimmed straw hat, or baseball cap on your boat or cruise to shield yourself from the sun. Also, ensure to bring at least one pair of sunglasses with you to shield your eyes from strong sun beams. Even though you generally use your mobile phone as a clock, you should carry a watch to maintain more precise timekeeping throughout the whole day. You can use sandals, waterproof slides, or flip-flops as footwear.

Final Words

There are numerous heavenly scenic beauty and activities to do in Italy, from hiking in the Italian mountains to riding boats in the Italian lakes, which makes the country more enjoyable for visitors and tourists. Riding a boat through its canals, lakes, and numerous waterways is a must-part of the Italy trip. Ensure to consider the above-mentioned things like cost, destination, clothing, etc. to have a perfect and pleasant boat trip in Italy.

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