7 Best Hiking Trips for College Students

Among the huge number of sports that can be done in college, hiking is one of the most important, as it helps to socialize faster, to find your people among many other students. Individual sports, such as swimming, weightlifting, jumping, training, self-discipline, endurance and are good for health. But in training, you are more focused on your own achievements and put efforts in order to achieve better results. 

Why Hiking Makes a Better Hobby than Other Sports

Team sports, such as football, baseball, basketball, also help to find new acquaintances and, in the process of training and games, to unite and gain experience in working in a team when it is required to achieve a common goal through joint efforts. But hiking is something that combines all the advantages of individual and team sports into one common thing, and also adds joint emotions and impressions received during hiking. It is also an invaluable experience of overcoming when you know that you are not alone, you cannot hide behind the back of teammates and play not at full strength, but must move forward at the same pace with all the other participants in the adventure. It is also an experience of responsibility for your health, because you cannot go on a hike in poor health or lack of physical fitness, as it will inevitably affect the pace of the hike, and because of you the group will lose pace and not complete the route on time.

Hiking Trips for Students: From Zero to Hero

The very first hike should be undertaken to a beautiful place near your college. It should be picturesque and not very difficult in terms of difficulty, preferably without steep ascents and descents. It is better to try your hand initially on an easy hike so that you can draw conclusions about your physical fitness, the quality of your sports equipment, and what needs to be improved in both cases, in order to engage in hiking on a regular basis throughout your studies in college. Trails for beginners you can easily choose on special sites on the Internet, depending on the place your college is and depending on the nature you admire. We’ll give you some examples of well known and worth visiting places for hiking. Some of them are really easy and don’t need special preparation, the others are a little more complicated, but it’s cool to be there with your college team, overcome difficulties and then be able to say proudly – been there, done that.

1. Twin Falls Trail, North Bend, Washington

If you are interested in wildlife and waterfalls, you are welcome to hike to Twin Falls waterfall. It is located in the small town of North Bend, state Washington. The road is very easy and pleasant for beginners, the rise is small, moreover, in the middle of the route there is a special place with the benches so that you can relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the waterfall and listen to the sound of flying water. The only difficulty you may face is the desire to stop all the time to capture the beautiful views and share them with friends.

2. Mossy Cave Trail near Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

If you like surprises all along your trail, welcome to Mossy Cave trail – it only sounds as an ordinary thing and one point travel, but during your hiking you will follow the trail full of stones that look like ghosts or ghosts that howl like stones. You’ll be able to visit the Inspiration point, have fun swimming in the waterfall in summer and admire the shining icicles in the Mossy cave in winter.

3. Garden of the Gods, Colorado

Garden of the Gods sounds great, yeah? Make your hiking here and see for yourself this name is not random. All these amazing red rock formations look like red sails of the huge caravels or small yachts. You can feel yourselves completely like gods here and, what is also very pleasant, without any charge.

4. Quabbin Reservoir Gate 11 Hike, Massachusetts

If the task of your hiking is just to have some rest after hard – working college study, to have friendly talks in the background of calm picturesque scenery, welcome to Massachusetts to have Quabbin Reservoir Gate 11 Hike. This is the place with the purest water, fresh air and pleasant views. If you are lucky and avoid loud noises, you will possibly meet deer or wild turkeys or watch the bald eagle gliding far high in the sky.

5. The Appalachian Trail

Depending on your intentions and mood and aims and level of preparedness of your college hiking team members, this trial can become a challenge to overcome your fears or a pleasant walk for some days with long and romantic talks around the campfire. No matter what choice you will make, this hiking will make a stamp in your memory forever.

6. The Yosemite Trail 

It would be completely unfair to discuss must-have hiking trails and not say a word about Yosemite National Park. The pictures from this place are well recognized for hikers all over the world and without any doubt, if you have any chance to join the annual army of visitors, start planning it just now.

7. White Mountains

You will need inspiration and strong will and coherence of the whole team and have to be very lucky with unpredictable and changeable weather to make this never easy hiking, but obviously it will be the pearl of your unbelievable hiking collection that will take special place in your heart. Sparkling snow, breathtaking views, crispy air and a wight mountain under your feet.
Hiking is a great opportunity to know yourself, your strengths, the ability to survive, overcome your fears, difficulties, and the ability to cope with emotions. If you are not sure that with all the academic tasks on your plate, you have enough time to deal with it, please hire professional paper writers at Write My Paper Hub to have your essays written by experts. Students worldwide delegate their assignments to them, finding experts for hire. You can, of course, engage in hiking yourself, not depend on anyone and decide for yourself where, at what pace to go. There are many books and films and just stories about hiking alone, for example, the films “Tracks”, “Wild”, which very accurately describe all the pros and cons of such hiking. But in fact, college years are a unique time to make new friends, look for “your” people who will lend a helping hand not only on a campaign, but will also be a lifelong support. Much has been said in favor of hiking, and now let’s talk about where you should go after all.

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