7 Essentials Every Traveler Needs

At last, we can all travel almost as freely as we used to in the past. Of course, this means that many people, both experienced travelers and new timers, are ready to hit the road at any moment. However, before you follow the urge to explore the world, do learn about basic travel essentials you should take with you. Packing smart is a crucial step for a successful and comfortable travel experience. So here are seven essentials every traveler needs to have with them on their journeys.  

1. Comfortable Shoes

Let’s start with the obvious here. Every experienced traveler knows the value of good, comfortable shoes. Having at least one such pair is essential to surviving and enjoying a trip. Overall, you should pick your shoes depending on the region you are going to and the climate you expect to find there. For example, Southeast Asia will greet you with an extremely humid climate during spring and summer. Hence, your shoes should be made with breathable materials that will dry fast.  

2. Power Bank

You want to have access to your phone and Internet connection at all times. It’s not just a matter of habit or convenience. It’s about your safety. Being in new, unfamiliar places without any connection is often a scary experience. You may be in urgent need of medical help, accommodation for a night, or an Uber, especially when you are lost. Overall, our smartphones are an essential part of our lives. Hence, the last thing you want is to see a sign of a dying battery on the screen. To avoid that, do take a power bank with you. 

3. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is crucial for your health and good mood. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep track of our water intake when we travel. There is so much to see, feel, and experience! A simple walk in the city can already be overwhelming. However, drinking your water is important. This is why you need to carry a water bottle with you. You can choose any design you want, from foldable water bottles to smart bottles with automatic drinks reminders. By the way, don’t be shy to enter any coffee shop and ask to refill your water bottle for you. In most places, they’ll do with no questions asked.

4. First Aid Kit 

Of course, you will need some type of first aid kit with you on your journey. First of all, you should always have access to the meds that you take on a regular basis. Thus, if you take any allergy drugs or painkillers, don’t forget to take enough for the trip. Aside from the personal medication, take the usual essentials, such as antiseptic wipes, bondages, pills for digestion, probiotics, and more. Also, if the region you are going to has very different food from what you are used to, take some meds to help you digest those new products without any consequences if you know what I mean. 

5. Sunscreen Lotion

No matter what season it is or what region you are in, sunscreen lotion is always essential. In fact, the sun can be even trickier during the winter season. However, people tend to forget about it when they are away. Yet, if you don’t want your skin to age twice as fast while you are climbing those Machu Picchu ruins and watching polar lights, pack sunscreen lotion with you. Also, don’t forget to use it on your hands and neck. Most people forget to cover all sensitive areas of the skin and focus only on the face instead. 

6. Journal 

Even if you have zero writing talent (which is a lie), keeping a journal during your travels can be crucial. First, you see so many new places and meet people from all over the world. Hence, you experience a large variety of complex emotions and make tons of new memories. Eventually, those fresh stories will merge into one messy timeline with no end or beginning. 

Secondly, when you travel, you also learn a lot about yourself. Keeping a journal during those revelation moments can be a good idea. You can write down what you have discovered about yourself and the world around you. Overall, a journal won’t take much space in your luggage. Though, it can become a huge sentimental piece later in your life. 

7. Scarf

A scarf can be an odd choice for travel essentials for some. However, we insist that it is a must-have on any trip. This is because a scarf can do so many functions at once. It can be your pillow during long flights or car rides. It can help you cover your neck and head when the AC is brutal. You can use it to cover your hair or shoulders to respect the local culture in certain regions. You can even read a very concise paperhelp review on writingpapersucks.com and order research on regions where it will be necessary. Moreover, a scarf can also become an extra blanket for you when the night is colder than you expect. Overall, a scarf can be somewhat like a multitool. It is good for everything and on any occasion.

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