8 Must-Have Tools for Hunting

Remember the nursery rhyme- a hunting we will go? Whenever hunting season starts, I pack my bags with must-have tools for hunting and start my journey. Yes, you read it right – there are hunting tools and weapons that you have to pack in your bag.

If you are new to hunting then go through this article to learn about the must-have hunting gear to make your hunting experience adventurous.

So let’s start hunting.

Must Have Hunting Gear For Next Hunt

Once hunting was meant for preying food to live. Day by day it has turned into a passionate hobby. You will find lots of hunting package offers where you can go for an adventure with friends or in a group. The tricky part is you have to pick the right hunting tools or else the experience will get bitter and wood cutting tools also necessary for hunting. Here are some hunting tools you have to carry must in your hunting journey.

  • Backpack

You have to own a sturdy backpack with lots of pockets to carry. Pick the backpack that comes with a standard size, capable to carry extreme weight and has pockets.

  • Backpacking Wire Saws

In search of prey, you have to go through a deep jungle and at that time you need a wood cutting tool to cut off dead branches or logs. For this, you need a wire saw which will help you get rid of all the obstacles without any force.

  • Riflescopes

For hunting, a rifle scope is a must. Because without scope you cannot target your prey perfectly. It is better to get a scope that promises good range, determined magnification and a custom steeple.

  • Hunting daggers

You need to keep knives of different sizes as they will help you in different tasks like skin dressing, cutting of branches, making a hole in the tree, etc.

  • Boots and raincoat

When you are going for hunting then you have to be prepared to deal with rough weather, unbearable temperature and risky path. To deal with such conditions you have to take raincoats and waterproof boots. They work as lifesaving gears.

  • Lighter

Keep a lighter with you when you are on a hunting trip. Because you will never know when you will need a fire, or seeking direction in the dark.

  • Compass

This tool is a must in your hunting pack. Don’t depend on a GPS always because it might not work there in the deep jungle. A compass always shows you direction even you are in a place where thick trees are standing there or in a deep valley.

  • First aid box

Do not forget this life-saving box to keep in your backpack. An accident happens and you have to stay prepared for it. Keep bandages, sanitizer, digestive and cold drugs in case of emergency.

  • Binoculars

You will need this watching tool to keep track of your hunting prey. Even if you lost track, you can check the path by keeping an eye on this tool.

  • Camouflaged cloth

To keep you protected and unseen from your kill, you have to use this cloth. When you will wear this cloth, you will stay hidden. So your target will not flee.

  • Socks

Don’t take normal socks, pick the hunting socks. It will keep your feet dry and fit to walk for a long time. Because hunting means walking mile after mile to seek a proper place to hide and to kill. Make sure the sock material promises warmth, protection and moisture in every weather condition.

Other hunting basics tips:

Experienced hunters follow some tricks and tips while packing their hunting packs. Let’s see the tricks:

  • Keeping big trash bags to use for different purposes like putting meat after killing your game, your wet or torn clothes, or using as an emergency shelter in worse weather conditions.
  • Taking a pen to note down different experiences, observations about hunting.
  • A multi tool like saw, scissors, and screwdrivers comes in handy while hunting.


Hunting is a good lifetime experience if you have all the hunting tools with you. For a new hunter, it will be quite hard to hunt without the necessary tools. So try to follow an experienced hunter when you are planning a hunting trip.

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