Are Bait Launchers Legal In Texas? The Legalities to Take Note Of

are bait launchers legal in texas

There are many different ways you can attract fish, such as bait launchers. While these are effective ways to get fish nibbling, you have to study the rules and regulations of the state and area you’re in. So are bait launchers legal in Texas?

Before you invest and use a bait launcher in the area, read on to find out!

Are Bait Launchers Legal In Texas?

Bait launchers are also known as bait cannons or bait casters. These are helpful in getting bigger fish, getting bait to where you need it. But are they allowed to use when in Texas?

Yes, they actually are legal to use when in Texas! This is in accordance with the rules and regulations made by the Outdoor Annual Hunting, Fishing, and Boating Regulations in the state.

In fact, they are legal to use in most parts of the world, though there are certain states and countries that limit their use to private areas. Furthermore, rather than being outlawed and illegal to use, they may need to be registered as firearms in other areas, as they might be seen as weapons. In the United States, certain bait launchers are not considered weapons, thus, they do not need a license or registration for it (but you require a fishing license!).

For instance, people are not allowed to use a compressed gas-powered bait launcher in the Padre Island National Seashore. This is because according to the 36 Code of Federal Regulations, this type of device is considered as a weapon, and the Federal Regulations limit the use of such weapons when in the National Seashore unless the time and location of using it will be specifically designated, pending the approval of the Superintendent. The same tule applies in the area for those who are considered persons of disability.

With all this in mind, you may want to check with the area you plan to fish in, depending on the park superintendent and fishing season. While bait launchers are considered legal, there MAY be specific areas that limit or disallow the use of these tools.

But it’s safe to assume that using these bait launchers are allowed to use on most, if not all, bodies of water in Texas. It might not be recommended for smaller bodies of water for practicality and when catching the most fish, though! How to use bait launchers would be a whole other topic I will discuss in the future.

What if you might not be allowed to use a bait launcher, whether you are able-bodied or with a disability, as a casting aide? Instead, there are organizations and methods that help in giving you advice and information on fishing without distance casting. Furthermore, you can invest in certain fishing equipment and stay in areas by the shore for more success.

If you want to learn more about bait launchers and their legalities, then check out this interesting video:

Remember This!

Take note that there are also other different devices, methods, and restrictions that the Texas Fishing Regulations impose. It’s recommended to be acquainted with what is prohibited to ensure you aren’t breaking any rules, which can leave you with a hefty fine or worse consequences. While bait launchers are permitted, there are other tools that may not be, which can cost you your license!

Besides this, there are more methods, equipment, and bait that can still attract fish without the need for distance casting, besides the use of bait launchers. You can learn more about how to fish certain species depending on the time and place in my blog posts!

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Wrapping It Up

Bait launchers are helpful devices to get your bait closer to the deeper and farther parts of water. However, some areas around the world see them as weapons and can even hurt fish, or further affect its population. In Texas, the use of bait launchers is permitted, so you can try using these tools for your next fishing trip if your specific fishing situation is best made for it!

I hope that this article answers your question, “are bait launchers legal in Texas?” Now that you know the answer, make sure to learn more about Texas’ state rules and regulations on fishing.


    • My apologies, as this post is a year old and rules may have been updated. UAVs and bait launchers are approved methods for bait delivery, though Federal Regulations still apply. And I’ll update this article soon.


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