Are Electric Scooters Dangerous? The Reality You Never Knew

If you are new to the electric scooter industry and planning to get one, you might have heard from friends and family members, “Don’t get electric scooters. They are not safe.” Or something like this, “Electric scooters are dangerous,”

But what is the reality of the powerful and heavy-duty e-scooters? Are electric scooters dangerous indeed?

Well, we investigated the matter, and the results were shocking. In 2018, 30 people were killed while they were on their electric scooters. Although the number is concerning, it is less than deaths due to bike and motorbike accidents. Also, most deaths caused by electric scooters happened due to a car hitting the scooters.

Are Electric Scooters Dangerous?

The safety of electric scooters and their related dangers came into focus when e-scooter sales rose in the US after 2015. As a result, cases of reported accidents flux severely. On top of it, a study in 2021 showed that injuries for each 1-million rides are higher in e-scooters than in cars and motorbikes. This report showed that injuries due to electric scooters are almost 180-200 times higher compared to automobile accidents.

Of course, this data is truly alarming and is enough to discourage people from getting an electric scooter promptly. But this is surface-level data and is pretty misleading.

This research doesn’t show the number of fatal injuries and hospital admits due to e-scooter accidents. So, we went deep with it.

We found-

1. Less than 5% of electric scooter injuries and riders need to take emergency hospital service for accidents. In automobiles, almost 10% plus people need to be admitted in emergencies due to accidents.

2. Most accidents due to e-scooter included minor cuts, minor fractures, and head injuries that could be recovered even from home.

3. Almost 80% of deaths on electric scooters happened due to car hits. It means cars were more responsible for accidents in e-scooters.

Thus you may imagine that although people assume that electric scooters are dangerous due to their high ratio of accidents per million, most of them aren’t serious. In maximum cases, people could treat their electric scooter injuries at home.

Another thing that most research on automobile accidents avoided is the number of pedestrians injured and died due to a hit by cars, motorbikes, and other vehicles. The number isn’t pretty small. But the possibility of an e-scooter hitting and killing a pedestrian is nearly zero or non-existential.

However, we also looked forward to finding the major causes of e-scoter accidents and their types for a proper investigation.

Why Electric Scooter Riders Are Prone to Injuries

We admit that many people suffer from injuries due to electric scooter accidents. Also, the reported number of accidents isn’t ignorable. In fact, when it comes to electric scooter vs. bikes, e-scooter has a higher ratio of accidents per million.

But why it happens? The following points will help you fix it quickly-

1. People ride electric scooters mostly for fun. You will see them hovering around their neighborhood, going into supermarkets, and taking their e-scooter for evening walks in the parks. Since most people are amateur riders, they naturally are vulnerable to accidents.

2. Most e-scooter riders remain in jolly mode. So, they ride happily and with fun, unlike cars and other automobiles where the driver has to concentrate on his peak attention. Thus, it makes e-scooter riders more vulnerable to accidents.

3. What’s more pathetic is we found only a few riders abiding by the e-scooter safety guidelines. Most riders ignore electric scooter safety measurements and dislike wearing helmets, gloves, or proper shoes. So, they become an easy victim of major injuries such as fractures in their collar bones and head injuries. E-scooter riders can avoid most of them by wearing proper safety gear on roads.

4. Also, e-scooter share riders are pretty different from what you see in motorbikes and cars. They are mostly joyriders or bar hoppers. So, they take the scooter safety measurements lightly, and it boosts the injury numbers.

Nonetheless, compared to the death numbers by automobiles in the US, it is easy to say that electric scooters aren’t as dangerous as most people perceive them. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow the safety guidelines while riding electric scooters.

Safety measurements for riding electric scooters:

The electric scooter quickly becomes a popular urban transport for its eco-friendliness, ease of riding, and great controls. But it is still prone to crashes and accidents. You can avoid such injuries and safeguard both you and the e-scooter with some simple safety measurements.

1. When you ride an electric scooter, you should always keep your eyes on the road. Sadly, many joyriders on e-scooter hardly focus on the road. Instead, they will look around for beautiful scenes and buildings. You must avoid such bad habits and focus more on the road for a safe e-scooter ride.

2. Many people keep checking their phones while they ride the scooter. So, they control it with one hand. A few will do it as part of showing off to others. But this is not good for your safety on roads. So, you should keep both hands on the e-scooter handlebar. It will help you with increased control.

3. You must always wear proper gear for an e-scooter. It includes helmets, gloves, elbow and knee guards. A helmet immediately reduces the impact and lowers the chance of fatality by 44%, at least. Also, elbow and keen guards will protect these body parts since both elbow and knees are the most vulnerable when you fall from the scooter.

When you ensure proper safeties for e-scooters, it won’t be dangerous at all. You will enjoy a safe and fun ride.

Final Words

So, are electric scooters dangerous?

No, not at all.

Electric scooters are pretty safe for joyriders and are less vulnerable to major injuries and fatalities. The problem arises when people don’t wear protective gear and don’t follow the safety and traffic guidelines. So, if you plan on getting a new e-scooter, get it now. Just ensure you also get a good-quality helmet, pair of elbow and knee guards, and ride with proper safety. You will truly love going around with these eco-friendly scooters.

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