Best Options For Securing Your Phone While Riding Your Mountain Bike

Mobile or smartphones are integral to most people’s lives, whether using them to navigate when traveling, incorporate them into their business, or manage personal affairs; many people can’t leave home without them. That holds true even while taking a mountain bike excursion.

In reality, it’s likely the phone will compare in price, if not more so than a mountain bike. That means if it were to jostle out of a pocket smashing to the ground on a path, it would instill panic in the majority of riders.

The aim is to find the ideal way to protect the device to avoid this from happening. Find out how to protect a device while cycling at

Leaving it at home is out of the question; abstaining from riding is a definite no, so there need to be methods for securing the phone to ensure its safety over the rough and tumble terrain that is common when heading out for a mountain bike journey.

Let’s look at a few suggestions for optimum safety. Of course, the primary is to avoid using the phone while riding – everyone should already be aware of what constitutes reckless riding and know to be responsible for their own well-being and those around them.

How To Secure Your Mobile When Mountain Biking

Aside from the premium rule of riding, not using the phone while the mountain bike is in motion, there are many other helpful hints on how to maintain the security of your device while enjoying an excursion.

First and foremost is always your safety. If it comes down to the mobile taking a dive or you, let the phone fall where it may and go back for it. Regardless of the price point, your well-being is priceless.

Ideally, the device will be tucked securely, so there won’t be an issue. Let’s look at the ideal protection for your phone as you enjoy your ride.

●       A mountain-bike-specific phone case is the first suggestion and the most affordable

The most affordable protection for a phone and practical is a durable phone case. Many of these come with options for attaching them to the bike so you can use them in a navigation capacity.

It might be more difficult to find a stable option for securing on a mountain bike since the trails and paths followed are rough, with the bikes meant to take jumps and skids. Something held on with a mere strap or velcro will likely not be secure enough in this sort of scenario.

This might be a more realistic option for cyclists with generic cycling on even, smooth terrain.

●        The quad lock is among the most protective options

The quad lock and devices in similar categories are exceptionally secure, albeit somewhat costly. The device mounts the mobile directly on the mountain bike. This lets the rider have access should they need navigation or just want to pay attention to their phone while they ride.

The quad lock mounts explicitly in place on the handlebars. The lock provides a “vibration dampener” to protect the mobile’s camera on rough terrain. The camera problems are more often seen when riding motorcycles, but that’s not saying it can’t happen.

When using these protections, a specific case needs to be in place to be mounted with these devices. You would either need to switch between instances where you’re riding and not or just use the new case all-purpose.

●       The armband started with runners

The armband is a favored choice for runners, but it has also become an option for riders. These work comparably to a bike case, but the mobile is actually strapped to your arm in this scenario. A primary difference with securing your phone in this way is the inability to see the screen while in motion.

Most people who mountain bike or cycle want the phone to act in a computer capacity, whether helping them navigate their direction or warning them of obstacles coming up in their path or potential hidden dangers.

In this instance, you might hear alerts but would have to stop each time to pull it and check out the reading. With mountain biking, the rides are fast, requiring immediate reactions. There’s no time for sudden stops.

●       The cargo or bib shorts are somewhat reminiscent of mountain biking

When riding a mountain bike, usually a rider will wear a sort of cargo shorts. You’ll find in the thigh area on each side a lycra or mesh pocket, and the cargo bibs will sometimes provide one on the back. Many riders find these a convenient way to carry their phones.

The only downside is, again, you can’t access the device if you want to use it for your riding experience along the trails; plus, there’s the added bulk which might be more of an issue for a general cycle than a mountain biker. Cyclists prefer as little material and bulk when riding as possible.

Mountain biking is a whole other experience than generic cycling. While cyclists prefer close-knit, skin-tight cycling wear with minimal material to slow them down, mountain biking is in a class of its own with unique guidelines and gear.

●       A backpack is a classic option that anyone can use

Not only can you put your mobile in the backpack for added security, but you can transport many other necessities at the same time. The option couldn’t be more secure than being carried on your back while riding through any terrain.

Again, you won’t have access to the screen for convenience, but if you map the trail before heading out, you can be prepared for what’s waiting for you before you go.

Final Thought

Above all else, a priority when taking a mobile phone on a mountain bike excursion is to ensure optimum safety and well-being of yourself as the rider and those riding around you. Go here for details on the legality of using a phone while riding your bike.

Phone use should not be a thing when riding a bike unless it’s mounted to the bike, like with a quad lock or another equally secure option in that same category. 

For those who need to use their device for navigating the trail or getting alerts of what to expect on their path, warnings of potential danger, mounting the phone is the ideal protection for the phone, for having ready access, and for optimum safety of you and your compatriots.

One thing to remember is if the phone jostles loose and heads to the ground, despite the price point that’s running through your mind, let the phone fall and don’t falter from your course, instead coming to a stop safely and then going for the phone. Your well-being is a priority over trying to catch it and crashing with the potential for severe injuries. Keep your priorities in check.

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