Best Pets for College Students: A Guide To Top Low Maintenance Pet Companions

Owning pets has become the latest trend in colleges, with the number of students having animal companions in their possessions for amusement or medical reasons increasing in recent years. But is it a virtuous thought considering the time and effort needed to care for a pet? College life has become more complicated and challenging as the current students must balance various responsibilities like their course materials, job, social life, and family demands. Despite all that, some students can still clasp the delight and devotion that pets can bring to them. This article analyzes how you can own a low-maintenance pet in college and still meet all your responsibilities. Are you ready? Then let’s dive in!

The importance of small pets for college students

Some people may fail to understand why students keep pets in college. Even so, these mini-companions can be helpful. They can be all you need, especially during difficult times, which have become synonymous with higher learning institutions. Therefore, there are many reasons why you should consider keeping a small pet in college. Below are some of them:

Firstly, pets can give you emotional support when you feel swamped and lonely. College life can be demanding and stressful with ceaseless exams, assignments, and social responsibilities. Many students crash under such vast pressure resulting in mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Studies reveal that owning pets can lower or reverse mental health issues.

Keeping a pet can help educate learners on essential life skills, especially those students joining the college with little or no experience. In most cases, these learners had everything done for them, including washing their clothes, cleaning their rooms, and doing house chores. The kind that their nannies clean even their inner dresses, a common phenomenon among students from well-to-do families. Because owning a pet requires some level of caring, responsibility, empathy, and good time management, such students may learn to prioritize their needs while balancing their academic and personal devotions.

Pets can help improve your social connections. For instance, the internet is flooded with heartwarming and motivating attestations of people who connected to their significant others when they took their pets for a walk, to the vet, or to pet clubs. For example, taking your dog for a walk, especially in public spots, can help you create new friends and meet new people with the same interest as yours.

Most of life’s critical activities are monotonous and tedious. For example, sleeping, eating, or breathing. And still, they remain the basis of our lives. Uncovering the accurate balance in routines can be vital to your achievements. Hence, having a pet in your possession will enable you to have an organized life which can be significant if you are wrestling with unconventional living.

Pets for dorms: Caring tips

Owning a pet in college will require you to be ready to take care of it. There are no shortcuts! Even though low-maintenance pets may not need as much time and effort as others, they still require care and much observation. Below are some tips to guide you through: 

Research and learn about the needs of the pet of your choice. Understand your pet’s nutrient requirements, housing needs, and any health problems or common ailments. You can always request essay writing help. Perhaps you’re wondering, “Who can write my paper cheap?” The answer is simple; several reputable online companies can help.

Have a plan of care: Your pet will thrive when its daily life is synchronized with yours. Let it predict your next move to lower anxiety and stress. Therefore, set specific times for feeding, cleaning, and interacting with it because consistency is critical to maintaining its well-being.

Create a suitable environment: If you can’t make your living space suitable for animals, it’s better not to get one. Having a pet is like introducing a new member to your family. Things can’t be the same. You’ll have to make some adjustments to accommodate them. For instance, if you have a guinea pig, you’ll have to introduce some rollers and wheels for its enjoyment.

Have a standby caregiver: College life can be hectic, denying you time to spend with your pet. At the same time, you can be entangled in the high social life that learners find hard to avoid, leaving no room for caring for an animal. To prevent this, find a reliable pet-sitter or friend to assist you.

5 easy pets to take care of in college

We have looked at the importance of having pets in college and some vital factors for caring for them. Below are various low-maintenance animal companions recommendable for college students. The list of pets that are easy to care for has been put together based on the animals’ availability, legality, cost of acquisition, and amount of care needed.


Best pets for college students

Cats are mainly the most liked pets in colleges. They are highly preferred because of their independence and ability to cope well in small spaces or areas. Cats are easy to maintain as they do not need daily walks as compared to dogs. This makes them a suitable choice for students, especially the busy ones.

However, it’s important to note that cats are clingy. They’ll require your attention, playtime, and regular veterinary check-ups. Some breeds can be quite talkative as well, making it hard to concentrate. Some students have confessed that cats’ spurring and stertor are sometimes distracting, especially when studying for high-stake papers. Their independence, a tremendously positive thing, can often become a disadvantage when they want nothing to do with you. You can call them 100s of times, but they won’t move or flinch. This can be draining, especially when going through a tough time.


Best pets for college students

Having a fish for a pet doesn’t cross many people’s minds. This is because they are not as habitual as other animals kept at home. Though, they can be a perfect choice for a model college student because they need a small area or space. A typical pet fish can be kept in a small panzer or bowl. If you’ve watched the animation “Finding Nemo,” then you shouldn’t worry about your fish escaping from the tank. It’s not every day that fishes fly out of aquariums into the drain and back into the ocean. That’s a Hollywood kind of thing! Moreover, fish tanks can add a touch of calmness and beauty to any living area. As silent associates, fish are the perfect ones for dorm rooms where noise may be a trouble.

When you decide to keep fish as a pet, be ready to clean their ponds or bowels regularly, check water quality, and be ready to feed them. Among all the other small species that can be good companions, goldfish are the best fish for college students. 

Guinea pigs

Best pets for college students

These tiny, friendly, and jovial companions have become increasingly popular over the last decade. They are known for their affectionate, cuddly, and reciprocal nature, which makes them pleasant pets for college students. These tiny animals are quite social and will need company to thrive. As such, it’s recommended that you own them in pairs, or else they might die of loneliness. The good thing is that they have a long lifespan of 5-7 years, meaning you can own just one pair throughout your college life. With regular exercise, some grooming, and a healthy diet, they can be a ray of light in your dark days.


Best pets for college students

Turtles can be quite unconventional as pets because they’re sensitive and rare. However, for students with time and proper care regimen, they can be just the perfect choice. Turtles are quiet, fascinating creatures that can live for decades. In fact, yours is likely to outlive you! Despite being too careful and shy, they can warm up to you quite easily if you develop a strong bond with them. It all boils down to having a feeding routine and some time to sunbathe.  Unlike many other animals, turtles can eat barely anything, making them quite easy to maintain. Furthermore, they are desolate creatures and don’t need much interaction, which makes them one of the most suitable pets you can have. 


Best pets for college students

If you’re looking for a pet with personality and character, look no further than a bird. There are innumerable options here. You’re good to go if you can afford a cage and a small space for flying in the evening or on weekends. If you can’t manage such areas, be sure to take it out for some flying or clapping exercises. Don’t be afraid, as most domesticated birds never fly away. While parrots are popular pets in Europe, the USA, and other South American territories, they’re not among the most suitable pets to have in college. They’re noisy and demanding. They can also attract unnecessary attention. Instead, you can go for finches and canaries. All they’ll need is a balanced diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, and seeds. 

Find a pawsome companion, find wholesale love! 

Getting a pet can be an intimidating choice. Most students struggle to care for themselves, and adding the burden of a little animal can be stressful. However, by selecting a low-maintenance critter that matches your lifestyle and providing proper care, you can enjoy the benefits of pet ownership without jeopardizing your scholastic or social obligations. Your cat, guinea pig, fish, or turtle can dramatically transform your life, allowing you to enjoy the unconditional love and friendship that a furry or scaly companion can bring to your college journey. So, get out there and find your “soulmate!” 

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