Bicycle Outside: How to Store and Protect Against Theft

Bicycle theft in the US is a common crime because there is a ready market. On average, 190,000 bike thefts are reported annually in the US. Most of the thefts occur in public places, compounds of residential rental buildings, and also in compounds of private homes. If you opt to store your bicycle outside, you must decide how you will protect it against theft. Lock it in a metal bunker, build a shed, and most importantly, get bike insurance.

Get bicycle theft insurance

The average cost of a bicycle in the US is $500, although some high-end bicycles cost as high as $10,000. Due to the high probability of your bike being stolen, bicycle theft insurance is one of the best ways to protect it. You might have done your best to prevent theft, but thieves often get smarter. 

If you have insured it with Simple Bike Insurance, all that you need to do is report the theft to the police and alert the insurance company. They will investigate and replace your bike. Insurance offers you several advantages.

  • Peace of mind
  • Protection from natural disasters
  • Legal liabilities
  • Personal accident cover
  • Third-party liability
  • Protection from non-natural incidences

Build a shade for your bike

Storing your bike outside leaves it prone to harsh weather conditions. It will be affected by extreme heat, thunderstorms, wind, and snow. If you are not using the bike often, it will rust fast and get damaged quickly. By the time you decide to ride your bike, you will realize it has lost value and will demand repairs. One of the ideas about how to store bikes outside is to build a shade where you can safely store them. This is the best way to prevent harsh weather conditions from damaging your precious bike.

Bicycle Outside How to Store and Protect Against Theft

Lock your bike to a metal bunker

When you add a metal bunker in your shade, you go a step further in securing your bike. Metal is stronger and not easy to cut like wood. You can drill it to the ground, bolt it, and use a strong chain to lock your bike on it. 

Buy a bunker with mounting points for padlocks. If you have several bikes, you can buy one large metal bunker that can fit three or more bikes. 

Use bicycle alarm for additional security

A bicycle alarm improves your bike security in different ways. When a thief holds your bike to steal it, the alarm will sound and attract attention. Due to this, the thief will be scared and abandon his theft plan. Some alarms have GPS trackers that help the police track the location of your bike after a theft. It is usually fixed in a place that is harder to find. 

Use a bicycle cover to protect your bike

You might not have enough space to build a shade or lock room. Buy a bicycle cover big enough to cover the entire bike. You will not only protect it from harsh weather but also keep it hidden. Choose a material that will last without being affected by the weather. 

Mount it on a wall

Fix a permanent rack on the wall and mount your bikes on it. This is a good option if you have limited space outside your home and the bike keeps blocking your way. Keep it lifted and out of your way by using a mounting rack. You still need to add security measures, such as locking it on the rack. 

Choose the best materials

Avoid using cheap materials because they will wear and tear soon, prompting you to begin the process again. When buying materials to build shades, racks, or covers, choose the best quality. It will save you money in the long run, and your bike will last longer. 

Final word

Your bike safety is important due to the high level of theft cases reported each year. Choose the best bike insurance that will replace your bicycle after a theft. Keep the bike locked and build a shade for it to protect it from thieves and harsh weather conditions. Use the best quality materials that will last for many years.

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