Boating Fashion 101: Outfit Ideas for Men

Whether you enjoy boating recreationally or consider it one of your main hobbies when trying to coax your friends or family members to join you on a boating trip, the idea can often spark mixed emotions. Usually, your companions will conjure images of being sprayed with salt water and fighting a losing battle with the wind and their hair – and they’re not wrong! 

To make the experience as enjoyable as possible, it is essential that you and your companions dress suitably for the occasion to ensure comfort and practicality. Whether you’re heading out on a fishing trip or partying out on the ocean waves, you want to be able to demonstrate your sense of style and your passion for boating to impress your friends or family members. 

Although this might mean forgoing your favorite suit, there are many ways to dress for a boat trip without looking like a landlubber. From donning your favorite pair of non-slip boating shoes to slipping your Gucci cardholder for men into your short pockets in case you and your company would like to continue the party onshore; if you’re unsure what to wear on your boating excursion, we’ve got you covered with our list below: 

Linen Trousers Or Shorts 

The beach is designed to relax the mind, from the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the sand to breathing in the ocean breeze, and what you wear on your bottom half should reflect this. Instead of rifling through your draws for your faithful chinos or jeans, use this boating excursion as an excuse to get your legs out, providing that the weather allows this. 

Opt for a pair of tailored linen shorts that rest just above the knee; any longer and they’ll look too baggy, which can distract from your sophisticated look. With its breezy and light texture, linen is the fabric of choice for boating on summer days to keep you cool and comfortable. In contrast, if the weather looks less than summery, opt for a pair of linen trousers that reap the same benefits as shorts but with more coverage. 


Once you’ve decided what you’ll wear on your bottom half, you’ll have to choose which accessories to pair with it. Since a boating trip is very different from heading into town with family and friends, you’ll want to ensure that you keep accessories to a minimum so that you avoid losing anything and don’t take up too much of the already limited space. 

As a rule of thumb, you should aim to take your phone, sunglasses, a hat, keys, and wallet, as these can either be worn on your person or slotted into your pockets. You might be wondering why you’d need a wallet without shops or restaurants on the sea, yet it’s always helpful to take just in case you want to dock somewhere that might require you to spend money. 

If you don’t want the hassle of wrestling your wallet out of your pocket or the unsightly image of it protruding from your shorts pocket, you could opt for a Gucci card holder for men, which is much slimmer than a traditional wallet and easier to find. 

For more inspiration, consider looking at the cardholders and men’s accessories from SSENSE, where you can find anything from sunglasses to lip balm. From household names like Gucci and Alexander McQueen, their site has something for everyone regardless of the occasion. Consider browsing today to find the perfect accessories for your boating trip. 


Boating often makes you feel like you’re on holiday, so you want to choose a shirt that will give you fresh-off-the-resort vibes. Opt for a button-down linen shirt or a crisp t-shirt which will pair nicely with a pair of linen trousers or shorts, and continue the sophisticated, nautical look. 

Choose a beach-themed color like ocean blue, white, and cream, or be bold and opt for a shirt with patterns like stripes or unusual finishes, which will provide contrast against your bottom half. 

As well as being warmer than traditional t-shirts, shirts are great for experimenting with whether you want to tuck the front into the waistband of your shorts with the tail left hanging behind or roll up the sleeves halfway for a relaxed nautical look. 

Non-Slip Boat Shoes 

No boating outfit would be complete without a pair of boating shoes, and with them being the pinnacle of men’s fashion at the moment, we’re confident they’ll get used on and off the deck. One of the leading brands in men’s boat shoes is Sperry, often hailed as the company that invented the 20th-century boat shoe. 

Made of water-resistant hide and a rubber sole, boat shoes have become a popular choice for sailors and boat owners since they are easy to clean, quick-drying, and effective against ocean spray and wet conditions. Both practical and stylish, the boat shoe is an excellent addition to your boating wardrobe and is sure to make you look and feel the part of a sailor. 

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