My Personal Experience On Using The Camojojo Live Trail Camera – Is It Worth It?

I’ve always been captivated by the beauty of nature. This is what draws me towards an avid curiosity about the wildlife and the outdoors. So when I heard about the Camojojo Live Trail Camera, I was intrigued by it and wanted to give it a try. I have tried other trail cameras in the past and while they were satisfactory, I always wondered if there was another camera that could offer the same – or even better – quality features at a reasonable price point.

So today, I will share my personal experience on using the Camojojo Live Trail Camera. As an avid outdoors enthusiast, I have tried this camera myself and was left awed by it. Here is why I love it and some points you may want to consider before you buy it yourself.

Camojojo Live Trail Camera At-A-Glance

camojojo live trail camera review

The Camojojo Live Trail Camera is a compact and intelligent tool designed for wildlife observation. It features an advanced motion detection capability, a high-resolution imaging, and a live streaming functionality that make it much easier to use by anyone who is into wildlife photography and observation. 

This is a compact camera with a rugged build, so it can withstand harsh outdoor elements without any problem. One look at it and you can easily tell that much thought has been implemented in creating this solid tool. And it most definitely did not disappoint. When I tried capturing images and videos with this camera, I was impressed. 

It was able to capture outstanding footage and images without disturbing wildlife. This camera features a silent operation, so I was able to observe wildlife behavior without intruding on the animals’ domain. In fact, I witnessed quite a number of breathtaking moments with this camera including a deer grazing serenely at dawn, a family of racoons frolicking joyfully under the moonlight, and a curious little rabbit at day time – all of these captivating encounters were captured by the camera flawlessly.

Set-Up And Usage

I was never a fan of clunky, intricate cameras that take forever to set up. Thankfully, this is something I did not have to experience with the Camojojo Live Trail Camera. Setting up my camera was extremely straightforward. It does, however, require me to download the phone app since all of the camera settings can be managed through it.

However, once I have downloaded the app, the Near field Communication feature of the camera pairs up automatically with my phone. Plus, the camera comes with a pre-installed memory card and a SIM, so it is ready to use. Well, I just had to make a few adjustments to the basic settings, which I was able to do in a matter of seconds through the app.

Now, I would like to mention that there are limits to the photo setting options – 3MP and 5 MP. But it was more than enough for what I like. There is also a multi-trigger option, and what I like about this is that I could capture three photos for each trigger event. But one thing I noticed is that there is no option for the video length. All videos are fixed to 10 seconds, so this is a bit of a drawback if you want to shoot videos longer than that time frame. You can, however, record your videos in either the 720p or the 1080p resolution.

Modes And Other Features

camojojo live trail camera review

There are three modes available for the Trace camera – the ECO, AUTO, and the BOOST. It is great to have the ability to choose between these settings that come with their unique functions. For example, the ECO mode comes in handy when I want to save on battery life. Yet, the downside is that I was only able to transfer images and make updates to the settings once per day, and it has to be at midnight.

Also, I was not able to use the Live View function while in ECO mode. But if I want quick and instant settings updates and make use of the on-demand Live View, the BOOST mode is pretty awesome. I can even transfer images super easily.

As for the AUTO mode, this allows for instant image transfers. But I was not able to make updates to the settings unless I trigger this function. It is okay if you are not looking to update settings a few times, but otherwise, the changes you make can take a few days to take effect.

Looking at the details in the package, it notes that the detection range is up to 65 feet. I checked it myself and it does align with my own observation. Personally, it is a bit of a limited range for my own preference. But I would have to say that I am pleased that the manufacturer was transparent and honest about that. Unfortunately, other brands tend to make false claims, which is something I find to be deceiving.

Another thing I would like to mention is that the trigger speed was supposed to be at 0.2 seconds – or at least that is what it says in the package. Although I can’t personally vouch for the package claim’s accuracy, an interesting incident occurred when I received a trigger video of birds in flight. Based on this experience, it appears that the trail camera’s swift trigger speed is quite impressive. If birds are unable to evade its clutches, then it stands to reason that you have a high probability of capturing those elusive deer in all their glorious action.

But I would have to say I was thoroughly impressed by how the camera performs during windy conditions and when I tested it in an open space. False triggers were very minimal, so that is something I particularly like about this camera. There were occasional flaws, though, when the 60-degree field of view and the 80-degree PIR sensor were triggered at times when the subject moved vertically towards my camera.

It was not a deal-breaker, nonetheless.

What Else To Expect

The camera comes with a mountain bracket, which is quite sturdy and stable. I like that this makes it easy to deploy my camera and adjust the angle as I please. There is also a strap that comes with the camera. However, I would have preferred for it to be wider as the existing one is a tad narrow despite being at the right length. 

Powering this camera requires 12 AA batteries. If I keep it in ECO mode, it should be good to go up to four months. But of course, there are times that I like to set it on the Live View, which drains batteries quickly – something I was expecting. 

I use rechargeable batteries for this camera without any problem. The manufacturer recommends Alkaline or Lithium, but rechargeable NiMh works fine. There is even a solar panel function for powering the camera as another option, which is brilliant.

Is The Camojojo Live Trail Camera Worth It?

camojojo live trail camera review

Now here is the big question you may be asking – is the Camojojo Live Trail Camera worth the price?

I would say yes. It offers a user-friendly setup process, although you first need to download the app to get everything started. The photo settings that come built in are limited, in terms of the resolution. But I like having a few options for the operating mode such as the BOOST, AUTO, and the ECO. When I want to save battery life, I put it on ECO without any problem with the output quality. 

Live streaming was flawless. In my experience, it was perfectly clear and even eliminated unnecessary details captured. So, it ensures a crisp vision and offers more in-depth observation of the subject. There are zero UI elements in the camera, unlike with other ones in the market. With that being said, there are no extra details on the live video feed such as exposure, aperture information, and battery. 

When streaming a live video, the 30 fps frame rate is pretty good as it matches up with the standard format. It is quite smooth, so I was able to capture professional quality footage of wildlife activity through the lens of this camera. Recording live streaming videos and sharing them with others is also quick and easy. 

In terms of the image quality, I like the naturalness of it. The colors are realistic instead of saturated, and the quality is sharp and crisp. But there were some flickering issues and a bit of color inconsistencies when I put it in video mode. However, it is not a big deal for me since considering all of the other intelligent features it offers, this one little drawback does not ruin my experience.

Overall, I highly recommend the Camojojo  Live Trail Camera. It surpasses my expectations and standards without any doubt. I am awed by its advanced functionalities, rugged build, classic design, and intuitive elements that make it a true value for my money. If you are an avid nature enthusiast like me in need of a compact and reliable trail camera, look no further because the Camojojo Live Trail Camera ticks all the boxes… And more. It certainly does not disappoint.

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