Can You Catch Mackerel at Night? The Lowdown on Night Fishing

There are many reasons why you should fish at night! Not only is it colder and more comfortable for you, but it’s a challenge that can help brush up your fishing skills. Furthermore, various fish species are more active at this time during the hot summer season, as the water temperature cools off.

These are some of the reasons why some people try to catch mackerel at night. But can you catch mackerel at night successfully?

Read on as I show you the possibility of catching mackerel at night and some quick tips you can follow.

Can You Catch Mackerel at Night?

There are a few fish species that don’t generally feed in the dark, and that includes the mackerel.

However, it’s still possible to catch mackerel at night, particularly during early winter nights. This is because they are found around piers, jetties, and harbors which have easier access to tidal runs and deeper waters. Furthermore, they would feed around halfway up the seabed at these times.

The feeding activity would also depend on the type of mackerel you plan to catch and the areas they frequent in your state. But in general, mackerel do feed at night, just not as much as daytime.

Besides this, some areas around the world find that fishing for mackerel at night is the best time! Just make sure that your local area permits you to fish during the night so you can try your hand at catching mackerel.

Catching Mackerel at Night

Mackerel feed during the day but there are a few that do so at night, so you can try to catch them with live baits anytime. You can also try using dead baits, which work better at night. However, if you plan to troll artificial bait at night, you won’t find much success.

When you do fish at night, make sure to time it when the skies and waters are calm and clear. This is a better and more productive time compared to rough and colored waters, as the fish are less inclined to stay by shallow areas, and it will be difficult to detect where they are.

Furthermore, you need to make sure that you pick the right spot. With mackerel fishing at night, it’s best to visit during low tide times so you can determine the sea bed’s layout. This can help prevent any snags and have you check the casting distances.

Many night anglers would find areas that have a short distance between the low and high tidemarks to set up a good base and adjust to the tide’s movements. Make sure that you take account of the tidal direction and its strength.

Besides this, I highly recommend that you have artificial lighting and lamps which can help you perform better. You can go around without risk of accidents and adjust your gear and casting distance accordingly.

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Wrapping It Up

When it comes to catching mackerel at night, it’s possible, but may be a bit of a challenge. However, if you are familiar with how to fish at night and use the right baits, you’ll have a better chance of catching mackerel just as you would during the day. Just make sure that you also follow proper safety procedures when doing so.

I hope that this article answers your question, “can you catch mackerel at night?” Now that you know the answer, follow these tips and make sure you use the right gear for more chances in success.

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