Can You Eat Northern Pikeminnow? Eat and Cook Fish Well!

The Northern Pikeminnow is a great fish to catch, an interesting fish species with its aggressiveness being a challenge anglers like. These are frequent targets among bounty fishers and when you catch it, it’s quite an accomplishment!

But when you catch it, what do you do with it? Some anglers have questioned, “can you eat Northern Pikeminnow?”

It’s possible to eat it, but of course, it’s better to know what flavors to expect and what you can do to cook it! So read on as I show you how healthy the Northern Pikeminnow is for consumption.

Can You Eat Northern Pikeminnow?

Some fish shouldn’t be consumed for its taste or way it was caught, but usually, you CAN eat the fish you catch.

With the Northern Pikeminnow, it’s completely safe to consume and contains healthy fats and nutrients. The fish tastes similar to a liver, having darn and tender sections of meat. They taste similar to the cod, catfish, or whitefish!

However, some anglers have also complained about its slightly unpleasant smell, oily texture, and the tinier bones that are time-consuming to remove before consumption. The fish has a white and fluffy texture with clear bones, which is why you won’t find them for sale in restaurants as meats.

They aren’t exactly a delicacy or the most popular and delicious fish for most anglers, but they still are edible and can be prepared to taste amazing. They take very well to seasoning and takes on any flavor you give it. Once cooked, they do have decent flavors.

If you do capture a Northern Pikeminnow, it’s best to cook it rather than leaving it to spoil! You can still get a good meal out of it as long as you eat it while it’s still fresh, without any refrigeration or freezing. Furthermore, if you can cook it well and take time to remove the bones, you’ll have a more pleasant experience.

That’s why in the next section, I’ll share some helpful tips to make the Northern Pikeminnow not only edible but pleasant to consume.

Quick Tips For Cooking Northern Pikeminnow

Now that you know that the Northern Pikeminnow is edible, how can you make it taste delicious?

  • Before cooking it, prepare your fish by scaling it, removing the skin, cleaning and gutting the fish, then fillet. The entire process is very similar to preparing other fish, though you’ll need to pay special attention to its bones. Use special scaling tools or the back of a sharp, high-quality knife.
  • You can prepare and consume Pikeminnow the same way you can with any other fish species. It’s a versatile fish you can smoke, curry, panfry, pickle, or even can!
  • With that said, you get better results when you smoke, curry, or fry your Northern Pikeminnow. You may want to bake, marinate, or curry it before frying for better flavors. Another great idea is to prepare Mikeminnow as an appetizer on top of crackers and with a party dip.
  • Since it has a unique flavor, it’s best to add as many seasonings as you can to the fish before you cook it, regardless of the way it’s prepared. The best seasonings to use are the cajun seasoning, lemon, thyme, or seafood seasonings for better flavors.
  • You can cook the Northern Pikeminnow with or without the skin. I recommend keeping the skin for a crunchy or soft texture, depending on how it’s prepared.

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Do you want to learn more about preparing and cooking the Northern Pikeminnow? Check out this awesome video for a delicious meal:

Wrapping It Up

If you’re planning to eat Northern Pikeminnow, then you have to know how to cook it correctly. What’s great about this fish is that there are a ton of ways to prepare it and with the right recipe, it will turn out delicious! So when you bring home a Northern Pikeminnow, prepare it fresh and you’ll be able to feel prouder of your catch.

I hope that this article answered your question, “can you eat Northern Pikeminnow?” Now that you know the answer, learn how to cook it properly for your enjoyment!

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