Common Reasons To Use Merino Wool Base Layers In Winter Hunting Clothes

Wondering what to wear when you go hunting this winter? Here are all the ways that merino wool is the answer you have been searching for.

Merino wool has long since been favored by hunters. It comes from the merino sheep, which is a species of sheep, initially found in France. These sheep have long since been favored for their fine wool. Here are some common reasons to use merino wool as a base layer when you are winter hunting.

What is merino wool?

This type of wool is taken from a specific breed of sheep. What makes it so exceptional? As that the sheep’s wool is very fine. This finery that the wool has means that it interlocks together better than other types of wool. This interlocking means that it is tear resistant. It also offers great protection from cold and from wet. Merino wool is tougher than normal types of wool, and you will typically only need to buy a Merino wool vest once and have it for the rest of your life.

Why do hunters favor Merino Wool?

Hunters favor a merino wool base layer for many reasons. It makes an excellent base layer underneath any of your hunting clothes, particularly in winter. You can wear Merino wool in the summer if you like, although it might be quite warm. There are many reasons why it makes an excellent base layer, but most of these are rooted in the fact that it is extra warm, odor resistant and can help to wick away moisture.

Here are some other common reasons why hunters favor merino wool base layers.

Common reasons hunters use merino wool for base layers

Here are a few of the best reasons why hunters like merino wool.

1 – It’s warm

Merino wool is perfectly warm. When used as a base layer, it is nice and thin for the warmth it provides. This means that you can layer up as many times as you like. You could even wear two merino wool vests if you wanted to. It is thin and warm and won’t let you down when it comes to having something against your skin which doesn’t chafe. Which leads us to point number 2.

2 – It’s soft

It’s not just soft like regular wool is soft. Merino wool is far softer than a standard wool is. This is because the wool is finer, having come from generations of breeding the sheep for finer and finer wool. This means you can have it against your skin for long periods of time without having to move it because it is catching or rubbing. When you are winter hunting, you don’t want to get undressed if you can help it.

3 – It’s odor resistant

Merino wool will wick away the moisture and stop it from soaking into the fabric. This allows you to have a better experience in your merino wool. You won’t be hot and sweaty, rather you will be warm and comfortable. That sweat doesn’t stay on the fabric, thereby allowing a better smelling wool than a standard one. This also works to keep moisture off your body when the weather is inclement.

4 – It’s Tear Resistant

Merino Wool won’t tear like other types of fabric, should it get caught in thorns. Those interlocking fibers make it tougher and more durable, particularly in comparison to man-made fibers. It’s also quiet, so if you do catch it on a thorny branch, it won’t make rustling noises that scare away the prey.

Merino Wool is Perfect for Winter Hunting

Merino wool is perfect for any hunt. Give it a try today and see for yourself.

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