Do Iguanas Make for Good Fish Bait?

When you’re fishing in South Florida, the bait you choose is the difference between a dull day on the water and non-stop action on your hook. With an overabundance of iguana in the area, many fishermen have started using them as chum to attract fish with stellar results.

What Is Iguana Chum?

Iguana Chum, which is sold in frozen blocks, is one of the secrets to success for local fishermen. They have used iguana meat as bait for years due to its effectiveness at attracting fish. It wasn’t always readily available, but these days, because of an overpopulation of iguanas, there is a steady supply.

Iguanas are an invasive species in South Florida. They tear up property by burrowing underground and leaving droppings everywhere. It doesn’t just stink but also contaminates property with Salmonella bacteria. Instead of letting them go to waste, a sustainable option was created by grinding these iguanas into a fine mixture that is converted into Iguana Chum.

Why Should You Fish with Iguana Chum?

Iguana Chum attracts more fish with less fuss. Chumming has long been a fishing technique that allows fishermen to capture the attention of fish and lure them close to their vessels. With more fish to catch, you’ve got a better chance of reeling one in.

Iguana Chum is sold in frozen blocks that you can put into a net bag. This bag is then easy to drop off the side of the boat and tie onto one of your cleats. You won’t have to wait long for the action to begin. Be ready to cast off because you’ll soon see fish coming in droves. They can’t resist the scent and simply must investigate.

Iguana Chum is a superior choice because it can attract the kind of large species you dream of catching out on the water. What’s more, they will be compelled to come from great distances because they find the smell so alluring.

Any type of chum can help fishermen attract more fish, but Iguana Chum works better. Plus, since there are so many iguanas invading dry land, it’s a great way to keep them from going to waste. With iguanas as bait, you may find yourself pulling up snappers, groupers, kingfish, and more large species of fish.

What Makes Iguana Chum Stand Out to Fish?

Meaty iguanas can certainly attract fish on their own, but with Iguana Chum, menhaden oil is added to create the fishy scent that makes other fish swim on over. This also creates a nice chum slick that releases over time rather than overloading the water.With this excellent combination, you can certainly bank on iguanas being good bait for catching fish. It’s been called one of the ultimate fishing hacks, used by experienced fishermen as well as those who may not have much experience with their sea legs. The next time you need fish bait, try using iguanas instead and see the difference!

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