Essentials Every Beginner Fisherman Needs

essentials every beginner fisherman needs

If all you can think about is getting out onto the water and enjoying some time with good people in the great outdoors, then it’s safe to say that you’ve caught the fishing bug.

But before you get started and head out onto the water, there are a few essentials that every beginner fisherman needs to have in their gear.

We’ve gone over the key fishing tackle items you’re going to want to have on hand, below.

Fishing Rods

What better place to start as a beginner fisherman, than with a brand new fishing rod.

These of course are the fiberglass or graphite poles that allow you to cast your fishing line further into the deep water in search of fish.

The best place to start when it comes to a beginner’s fishing rod is to buy a bundle that includes a rod, reel and line.

Any of the major tackle shops or big department stores will have a number of choices for beginners to start with a perfect all-rounder beginners bundle.

Fishing Tackle Box

Now you have your rod, reel and line sorted, you’re going to want to get yourself a sturdy tackle box for the rest of your gear.

Find a medium sized, compartmentalized tackle box to store different sized hooks, sinkers, swivels and floaters.

Your basic tackle box can be rounded out by packing some spare line, a pair of pliers and a hand towel.

After a few fishing trips, you’ll soon work out what you don’t need or are missing.

Fresh Bait and Realistic Lures

Now you’ve got your gear all sorted, it’s time to start thinking about your options for bait.

  • Fresh/frozen bait: This is the best place to start because you’re able to find out what’s selling and therefore know what’s working for other more experienced fishermen.
  • Plastic lures or jigs: Getting fish to bite lures takes a little experience as you need to know exactly what you want your lure to mimic, so we recommend using live baits at least to start with.

A Secret Fishing Spot to Call Their Own

Fishing is as much about the experience as it is about the actual act of reeling in fish, so every beginner fisherman needs a spot to call their own.

Be that your own wharf that you can dangle your feet over the end of, your own section of beautiful beach that you can stand on the sand and cast into, or an estuary honeyhole that you can position your boat on top of.

Find somewhere beautiful that you can call your own fishing spot. Your stories will be better and you’ll want to keep heading back for more.

Safety Equipment While out on the Water

When it comes to a list of essentials that every beginner fisherman needs, we’re going to round out our list with a selection of masks, bandanas and various fishing hats from Hoo-Rag.

Whether you’re headed out onto the water, sand, rocks or a wharf, the natural elements are always there.

Protect yourself against the sun, wind and salt spray with some form of protection for your face, skin and eyes.


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