Experience An Unforgettable Holiday In The Perfect Villa From The Le Collectionist 

A memorable vacation starts with finding the perfect villa. After all, this would be your home away from home where you retire at the end of the day.

But booking your ideal villa is not as easy as you think it is. In fact, there are far too many options out there. You also need to make sure that the villa has all the amenities you prefer.

This is why Le Collectionist helps you book the finest villa for a remarkable holiday. By having an expert locate, recommend and prepare the best place for you to stay, this takes the heavy load off of your shoulder.

With all the mundane research and booking out of the way, you can focus more on other things for your holiday whether it is creating your itinerary, packing your suitcase, and several other items on your checklist that need to be attended to.

After all, you are only on a limited time during your holiday. So, when time-consuming tasks are all taken care of for you, you can maximize the time spent on your trip… Just the way it should be!

Reasons To Rent A Holiday Villa

There are several choices when it comes to choosing the best accommodation for your holiday. You can choose to stay at a resort, a hotel, a condo, or perhaps even a cabin. But if what you look for is something more spacious, luxurious and one that has all the amenities that you need, then a villa is by far the perfect choice.

Here are some reasons why it makes sense to rent a villa for your next holiday. 

1. Personalized Service

You can easily find resorts and hotels that feature plenty of activities at their property. However, if you prefer something more personalized and tailored to your unique needs, then working with a vacation rental company such as Le Collectionist is a practical choice.

Finding your desired holiday home is easy as you can simply choose from a selection of rentals from some of the finest locations in the world. Le Collectionist advisors will assist you in discovering the perfect home away from home for you and your group.

And when it comes to personalized service, you can select from a wide selection of services customized to your unique needs and preference. These services are designed to help you relax and make the most out of your holiday. These include airport transfers, grocery delivery, personal chef, babysitter, and massage therapist. You can sit back and relax while you are on your trip with the other things taken care of for you.

2. Privacy and Ease

It is not everyday that you have the time and opportunity to go on a holiday. This is why you want to ensure your comfort and satisfaction during your trip.

Unfortunately, hotel rooms may be a bit too small for some guests, especially when you have young children traveling with you. There are instances when you may also need certain amenities that are not being offered in this type of holiday accommodation. 

On the other hand, when you have a private space, it is much easier and more convenient to move around and settle in quickly. The Le Collectionist offers a vast collection of holiday villas that offer privacy and serenity in your very own space. Whether you are a big family, a couple, or traveling with a group of friends, you can easily find the right villa that ticks all the boxes when you look for a private villa. 

As an example, a typical private villa also includes free access to certain amenities to enhance your trip such as a full kitchen, spacious living room, bathrooms, and even your very own outdoor space such as a patio, pool, and a garden with spectacular views.

3. Better Value For Your Money

A hotel room often limits you to a modest bedroom space with an en suite bathroom. In some cases, you may have a small kitchen and a family room added in, but at a very steep price. Yet, you can most certainly get more for your money when you book the right holiday villa.

For instance, a private villa may include your very own pool, outdoor BBQ, patio, and several other amenities. This allows you to enjoy your stay even more instead of having a shared pool and garden offered at a resort or hotel. 

Le Collectionist features an impressive selection of stunning homes in various locations such as France, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Morocco, and the Caribbean, to name a few. Established in 2013, Le Collectionist offers the perfect holiday experience that you desire whatever your destination may be.

4. Picturesque Views 

Although you may have a few hand-picked locations in your itinerary, it most certainly adds to the experience if your villa gives you access to stunning views. Imagine waking up each morning and being greeted by remarkable vistas right at your balcony. Or taking a lovely stroll in the garden amidst gorgeous landscapes surrounding you. 

Le Collectionist features the Iconic Collection, which includes some of the most spectacular homes set in exquisite locations. Prior to including these properties in their exclusive collection, these were first evaluated and rated based on their stringent standards of excellence. 

Holiday homes that make their way to Le Collectionist’s collection include art deco villas, listed palaces, manor houses, castles, and even some of the most extraordinary treehouses on the planet.

Then, these places are prepared for the guests’ stay with specific requests and customized amenities applied to meet the unique needs of every guest. Most importantly, the services that come with renting these holiday villas are first tried and tested by Le Collectionist’s team to ensure your total satisfaction. 

A Memorable Trip Like No Other

At Le Collectionist, the perfect holiday experience is guaranteed. From the villa research to booking and throughout your stay, their local teams are always ready to give you the assistance you need. 

Finding your home away from home has never been this easy and simple. Explore the finest holiday villa today at the Le Collectionist and make your trip a truly memorable and exceptional one.

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