Firearm Storage and Safety: What Makes A Good Gun Safe…Safe?

Owning a firearm provides a sense of safety, as few other things can. Knowing that, should an intruder enter your home and wish to harm or steal from your family, you have a last line of defense that can offer incredible peace of mind. Using a firearm as a prop to de-escalate a situation or, if the need arises, to take action to prevent further harm is an event that will take place, hopefully, about once in a lifetime…but what happens to your gun when it’s not in use?
Understanding safe firearm storage is an essential aspect of owning any kind of gun. Since your weapon will spend far more time in storage than it will in your hand, it’s imperative that you store it in a place that is easy enough to reach in an emergency but also safe enough to keep it out of harm’s way and out of any hands but yours. Shopping for gun safes can be a little overwhelming if you’re a new gun owner or even looking for something to beef up your safety levels. There are a lot of options out there, but not all of them are reliable. Since safety is critical, we have compiled a list of all the things you should look for when shopping for your new gun safe.

1. A Lifetime Guarantee

There are good guarantees, and then there are great ones, but nothing beats a gun safe with a lifetime guarantee. This means that for as long as you live, that safe is guaranteed to work. Whether the manufacturer has to replace parts or the whole, you are always guaranteed to have a working gun safe to keep your weapon or weapons in. Your firearm will never be vulnerable to theft or unauthorized usage, and everyone in your home will be protected from any misguided removals or usage that may otherwise have occurred. It also means that you are always guaranteed to have a safe that lets you access your firearm when you need it most, as the manufacturer will deal with any issues.

2. An Excellent Lock

A safe can only be safe if the locking mechanism remains steadfast and uncompromised at all times. UL-listed locks are the best in the business, so ensure that your gun safe has one of those before you complete your purchase. UL or Underwriter Laboratories have been in the lock game for a very long time. They set the industry standard for the best locks available. These locks are proven to thwart the highest number of attack and penetration attempts, more than any other lock on the US market.

Another thing to consider is a relocking feature that comes into play should the first lock be defeated by any attack. If the first lock fails for any reason, the relocking feature is triggered, and the safe is once again guarded against unauthorized penetration.

Firearm Storage and Safety

3. Aesthetic Features

Though it is a secondary consideration, it is still important that anything in your home fits in with the overall aesthetic design. Gun safes can be both functional and attractive! A safe does not have to be visibly bulky and an eyesore to get the job done well. Many modern safes are sleek and chic, with a minimal design that features neutral metal colors or even safes that come with an outer box made of your preferred wood. These days there is an option available to suit every kind of design and every color palette preference.

4. Fire Protection

Unauthorized access is not the only thing you will be guarded against by purchasing a gun safe. Fireboard protection applies if your gun safe is built into your home. “Fireboard” means that layers of fire-insulated boards are installed all around the safe. The more of these layers that are present, the more insulated the safe will be against fire damage. No standard or current system for testing these fire safety measures exists, so some brands may exaggerate their effectiveness. Read reviews to get honest customer feedback and base part of your selection around that. You could also visit a showroom and review the fireboard setup in person.

5. Versatile Storage Options

Let us say that you currently only own one firearm and are purchasing your first gun safe. Ensure that the one you purchase has room not only for the firearm you currently own but also for any guns you may purchase. The versatility of the storage inside your gun safe is essential to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Think ahead, and even if you feel it is unlikely that you will make more firearm purchases in the future, leave room for that possibility.

Firearm Storage and Safety

Wrap Up

Take your time to consider your purchase before you make it. Consider all the factors that we have mentioned here and make sure that the gun safe you buy is the right one for you and the safety of your family in the long run.

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