Glock 26 Vs. Glock 43: Know the Difference

From their magazine to gun height, there are many differences between Glock 26 and Glock 43. These 2 pistols look identical since they’re both 9 mm striker-fired pistols ideal for concealed carry. However, their specifications are the game-changers here. 

For instance, the Glock 26 has a double stack mag that makes it look wider, while the Glock 43 comes with a single stack mag that makes it taller. If you’d like to learn more about the different kinds of Glock firearms, we advise you to visit Hunting Mark for professional guidance.

 Differences Between Glock 26 and Glock 43

However, read more below to know the differences between Glock 26 and Glock 43.

Magazine Capacity, Stack, and Weight

Glock 26 comes with a two-stack magazine, while Glock 43 comes with one stack magazine. The magazine capacity of the Glock 26 is eleven rounds (10+1), which is why it’s wider. It has to fit the two stacks of five rounds in it. 

On the other hand, the Glock 43 is longer and slimmer. Its magazine capacity has a single stack of 6+1 rounds. So, it needs a longer length to fit in. More specifically, the Glock 26 weighs 21.69 oz when empty but weighs 26.07 oz when loaded. 

Meanwhile, the Glock 43 weighs 17.99 oz when empty and 20.64 oz when loaded. This is one of the differences you need to know about Glocks.

Price and Specifications

The Glock 26 is way more expensive than the Glock 43. Thus, you can get a Glock 26 from any dealer at roughly $610 or lesser (if you receive a discount offer). Meanwhile, the Glock 43 is about $100 cheaper, as you can get it for $520.

Specifications of the Glock 26:

Chamber9 mm9mm Luger
ActionSemi-automatic pistol; Striker-fired
Magazine CapacityExtended mag capacity of 10+1
SafetiesSlide stop safety, firing pin safety, and Trigger safety
Trigger Polymer
Overall Length6.42 inches
Trigger Pull5.5 pounds
Width1.3 inches
Barrel Length3.42 inches
Weight21.7 ounces
SightsFixed rear white dot
Height4.17 inches
FinishnDLC, Black Nitrite
Main DifferencesBigger, with more round capacity

Specifications of Glock 43:

Chamber9 mm Luger
ActionSemi-automatic pistol; Striker-fired
Magazine Capacity6+1
SafetiesSame internal safeties but lacks trigger safety.
Width1.02 inches
Barrel Length3.39 inches
Overall Length6.25 inches
Trigger Pull5.5 pounds
Height4.25 inches
Weight17.95 ounces
SightsFixed front and rear sights
FinishGas nitride finish
Main DifferencesLighter and portable, with less round capacity + a higher recoil.

Looking at the specifications of both baby Glocks, you can spot a few differences. Without a doubt, they are striker-fired 9 mm luger pistols. However, knowing their difference is integral. 

Ergonomics, Size, and Concealability

Statistically, the size differences between the Glock 26 and Glock 43 are just little decimals. But to some gun users, it may mean a lot. As it’s smaller, the Glock 43 has more recoil than the Glock 26. Though, their mechanism for safe action is quite similar.

The G43 is a 6-rounder with a single-stack mag and is quite lighter than the G26. On the other hand, the Glock 26 has 10 rounds. Due to its fat double-stack mag, the width of the G26 makes it an inappropriate option for concealed carry. 

The G26 comes with smooth grips, making it a convenient subcompact baby Glock for holders with large hands. It has a narrower angle and replaceable backstraps. On the other hand, the Glock 43 has slim grips and a more aggressive texture on the rear and front sides. 

In terms of concealability, Glock 43 wins. It’s lighter, thinner, and perfect for people with larger hands.

Triggers and Safeties

The Glock 26 and 43 come with a reliable Safe Action trigger that is perfect with the interiors of the guns. However, the Glock 43’s trigger is far smoother with a brittle break than the Glock 26. The Glock 26’s trigger reach is roughly 2.8 inches, while the Glock 43’s trigger reach is 2.56 inches. 

Comparing their safety mechanisms, the G26 comes with three auto fail-safe safeties: trigger safety, mag drop safety, and firing pin. These provide a reliable trigger pull regularly. The G43 comes with similar safeties; however, it lacks trigger safety. Notwithstanding, it gives the user a smoother trigger.

Sights and Accuracy

The two pistols come with a fixed rear and front sight, though the Glock 26 sticks to the standard “White Dot Rear Sight.” They are perfect for close-area combat and provide more accuracy for self-defense conditions close to the 15-yard mark.

Even though holstering the G43 is easier, it’s too petite to give accurate shots at longer distances. There are many holsters with optics-friendly concealment techniques. You can support your baby Glock’s sight and accuracy with the Truglo Micro Red Dot Sight or the Night Sight sets.


Although the Glock 26 and Glock 43 look quite identical; the differences above are important to know. They can help you when deciding on which baby Glock to buy. From their magazine capacity to rounds and from sights and accuracy to concealability, these differences between the G26 and G43 make them suitable for different categories of gun users.

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