Hiking in Italy: 3 Breathtaking Treks to Explore

Italy is the country with the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. This makes it the perfect destination for any kind of holiday you can think of, including walking holidays. Here are 3 stunning treks to explore on your next visit to Italy.

Hiking in Italy

Walking is a popular activity among many Italians and is never just about getting to where you are going but also about enjoying the company and views along the way. The world-renowned La Passeggiata is a great example of this – the daily ritual of an evening stroll through the streets. However, if you’re looking for something a little more strenuous, you won’t be disappointed as hiking is popular amongst both tourists and locals and hiking tours in Italy are not uncommon, particularly as there are two main mountain ranges in Italy that cross the country and that make hiking available from north to south.

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Tre Cime di Lavaredo is a loop trail through the Dolomites and the three enormous pillars of rock you’ll circle are the symbol of this renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. Taking between 2.5 and 5 hours to complete, this popular hike offers spectacular views and is perfect in the summer but be sure to arrive early to get parked! There are plenty of spots along the way to rest and pick up refreshments and some stunning viewpoints where it’s possible to capture photos of the incredible scenery as a memento of your trip.

The Amalfi Coast

For a more relaxed vacation, the Amalfi Coast is well-known for its beautiful, instantly-recognisable scenery. Made up of lots of towns and villages along Italy’s southern coast on the Sorrentine Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast has something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you enjoy strolling through the narrow, winding streets of Atrani or Positano or you want to hike the Path of the Gods (or ‘Sentiero degli Dei’ in Italian.) The main section of the hike is between the small villages of Bomerano and Nocelle, however, if you want to start (or finish) in the coastal towns of Praiano or Positano you’ll also need to factor in the steep staircases (of almost 2,00 steps!) that will take you from the coast up to the trail.

The Apennines

The Apennines are the mountains that run almost the whole length of Italy from Liguria in the North to Calabria in the South. They divide Italy from north to south and offer a variety of wide variety of hiking routes with access to some of the wildest, most unspoilt areas of Italy.

Here, you can experience an authentic Italy, off the beaten track, as the hiking routes in many of the regions, such as Modena are most popular with locals rather than flocks of tourists. With a range of different hikes available, catering for all experience levels, you can take your time enjoying the wonderful scenery and stop off at simple Osteria, serving local cuisine and great coffee (or wine, if you’re celebrating the end of your hike!)

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