How Long Do the SkateBoard Decks Last? Share from SkateAdvisors

How long do skateboard decks last? The answer may depend on how often you skate. Some people have to wait until they break to buy a new one. However, it will not compromise your safety, once the decks show any inclination to break, you should replace them instantly.

If you are beginners or even professional skateboarders, you should take notice of the lifespan of your board decks. So keep following this article to find out the key!

How Long Can Skateboard Decks Last?

Professional Riders

According to information from the blog SkateAdvisors, advanced skateboard riders usually join in competitions, so they have to ride on the skateboards for hours every day to hone their skills. The skateboard deck of pro riders usually varies from a couple of weeks to 2-3 months.

Amateur Riders

For amateur or average riders, usually, they only go out skating with friends 3 or 4 times a week in those places designed for skating like skateparks. With high maintenance, their decks can last about 6 months to one year.

Daily Riders

Many people love traveling or commuting by skateboard. They use skateboards as a means of transportation instead of doing stunts or tricks. For this type of rider, the skateboard’s lifespan can expand up to two years, depending on the riding surface.

How Often Should You Replace Your Skateboard Deck?

It depends on the frequency of use and your level. As we mentioned in the previous part, you can follow and decide when you should replace your skateboard decks.

If you do flips frequently or every day, the deck gets chipped quickly, then you need to replace it often. Or you can purchase a high-quality deck for longer use.

If you skate a few times a week, it takes months to show wear and tear signs. It is better to replace your deck every 4 months. For cruiser skateboarding, your skateboard can probably last up to one year, so it is best to replace it after a year-long use.

Are you a daily rider? If this is the case, it can last up to 2 years with meticulous care. You can consider replacing the grip to compromise better safety.

Signs When You Need To Replace Decks

Razor Tail

Because a deck consists of a couple of layers, it acts as a spring. You pop it against the ground, then the wood compresses, and when you land, the wood expands. The wood loosens its structure, and you can see the gradual worn-down, sharp wood tail.

Razor tail can result in nasty cuts. It not only can cause injuries but also hurt other people, especially children.

Razor Tail
                                                                                                Razor Tail

In this situation, you can shave it off to dispense the sharp edges. The shorter length after shaving off the tail can affect your performance. However, you can still use it well to flip after repairing.

Chipped Skateboard Nose or Tail

This happens when you flip too often. Your deck’s nose and tail bounce off the ground and lead to chipping. If the chip is small, it will not be a big deal, but after using your board longer, it will become worse. A chipped nose or tail can cause cuts and injuries.

You can trim off the edges, then glue the chipped spots, put on clamps to repair delamination, and leave the board dry for a day.

Chipped Skateboards
                                                                               Chipped Skateboards

Reduced Pop

Reduced pop can make it harder for you to do stunts or tricks since you can’t jump as high as before. It is not noticeable as your deck will lose pop gradually. For pros, they will notice it easier than amateur skateboarders.

There is no other way to fix this; you only can buy a new deck to have thriller experiences.

Soft Decks Tend to Bend

The poor-quality or cheap boards can lead to bending, or when the deck usually gets wet, it is prone to bending. Many people carelessly leave the skating board outside and expose it directly to rain or moisture. Then, the wood will soak water and be easy to bend.

In this situation, it is risky to ride on a skateboard. You should replace a new one, and it is better to maintain your skating items carefully for better use.

A Deck Exposed To Rain And Moisture
                                                                 A Deck Exposed To Rain And Moisture


We hope that after reading the article, you have gathered some useful information.

How long does a skateboard deck last? In general, it is up to your type, and the frequency that you skate to decide its service life. Keep in mind the signs of wear to fix it for your safety when partaking in this sport.

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