How to Build An Outdoor Fireplace Step-by-Step Guide

Most owners of private estates think about building a high-quality outdoors fireplace. Chip of such a building is the ability to cook outside at any time of the year. Such construction will also be an excellent replacement for the stove.

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How to choose an outdoor fireplace?

Before building an outdoor fireplace, it is important to understand its varieties:

  1. Fireplace stove. The classic oven is considered the prototype of this option. The popularity of the hearth lies in the possibility of cooking by baking. The outdoor stove functions due to the heat exchange process that occurs due to the high speed of burning firewood. Such structures have an additional layer between the main walls,that helps to increase insulating properties.
  2. Built-in brazier. For any person, the brazier is associated with the ability to fry barbecue. This device is a universal tool for cooking in the open air. The firebox of this fireplace is designed in the form of a bowl, which has vertical walls. As soon as the firewood is completely burned, you can start frying, baking or smoking food on the remaining coals.
  3. Asian tandoor. The design of the stove is similar to a jug with a lid, on the inside of which there are special fasteners. The tandoor differs from previous types of fireplaces in that the food in it is not fried, but baked. The main drawback is the inability to admire the bizarre play of the flame at the time of cooking.
  4. Smokehouse oven. This type of construction involves the presence of a combustion chamber. The essence of the operation of the stove is that the smoke from burning wood does not enter the chimney directly. The device allows you to perform cold or hot smoking.
  5. Classic fireplace. The structure is built of durable stone or strong brick. The fireplace differs in advanced functionality, as it combines the functions of several designs at once. Thanks to the stove with the help of firewood, you can cook absolutely any dishes on an open fire.

Where should construction begin?

Many people do not know how to build an outdoor fireplace. If you approach the solution of the problem rationally, then the hearth installed on the street, which you can also read about by clicking on the link, in the future will please with a live flame, versatility and beautiful design appearance.

When wondering how to build an outdoor brick fireplace, first of all, you should understand a number of important points:

  1. Place of installation. If the plot is large, then you should look at the terrace, gazebo or windless corner in the local area. In any case, the stove should not be too close to the house and other objects. A distance of at least 3 meters is considered safe. When the area is small – installing a fireplace, the chimney is attached to the wall of the house or other object.
  2. Foundation installation. Any outdoor fireplace must have a solid base. The process begins with determining the contours of the construction area and digging a foundation pit 40-70 centimeters deep. The installation of the foundation ends with crushed stone and sand, which are carefully compacted and poured with a special sand-cement mortar. After that, the formwork is installed, which is also poured with mortar. It is removed after 7 days. But the hardening of the foundation must wait at least 4 weeks.
  3. Main masonry. The correct construction of an outdoor fireplace is carried out according to a pre-prepared scheme. For this, a design engineering and construction project is used, according to which the builders perform the following actions:
  • a double layer of roofing material is laid on the surface of the foundation, which provides the proper level of waterproofing;
  • from the brick selected for construction, a continuous layer is laid;
  • observe the horizontal level of the base;
  • build a drawing according to a design project with a dressing of bricks;
  • install a grate and a door in a niche;
  • compact the structure as much as possible;
  • mure the surface masonry, for which they use decorative bricks.
  1. Chimney flue installation. Its main task is to remove smoke from the level where people are. Choose a pipe, usually made of high-quality stainless metal alloys. The chimney can rise above the fireplace by no more than one meter.
  2. External finishing. It will additionally protect the structure from the effects of weather phenomena. For this reason, it is important to choose such finishing materials that are highly resistant to all the vagaries of nature:
  • Most often, artificial stone is used as a decor, which can be perfectly processed and resistant to moisture.
  • Brick fireplaces are designed in such a way that the body acts as the main “accumulator” of heat in it. The surface of the cornice of such furnaces is lined with clinker slabs, and its edges with facing bricks.

Wood, plastic or ordinary plaster is not suitable for finishing.

If you have the desire to build an outdoor fireplace on your adjacent plot, just realize it.

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