How To Choose The Right Paddle Board For Children

Stand up paddle boarding is excellent fitness and allows you to have fun on the water no matter your age. You may have thought about buying a kid’s board for your young watersports enthusiasts. These boards are specially designed for kids to have as much fun on the water as possible and to give them the best introduction to stand up paddle boarding.

In this article, we will highlight the benefits of a children’s stand-up paddle board and give you some great examples so they get the best start in the world of stand up paddle boarding.

Why Choose A Children’s Paddle Board?

It is possible for kids to use adult paddle boards. However, these boards are pretty heavy, which makes them tricky to handle both in and out of the water for little people. A children’s paddle board is a lot smaller than one designed for an adult. It is shorter, narrower, and not as thick as an adult’s board. 

How To Choose The Right Paddle Board For Children

Kid’s paddle boards have smaller volumes, which offers a few advantages for smaller paddlers. For example, these smaller boards are easier to carry and put in and out of the water. It also takes less effort to paddle and turn when out on the water.

How To Choose The Right Paddle Board For Children

In addition to this, children’s paddle boards are designed to be as safe as possible. They are less complicated, with fewer accessories and attachments that could cause them to get into trouble. They are also highly robust to cope with the rough and tumble kids put paddle boards through, as they are made from tough materials.

You can buy various sizes of kids’ paddle boards with different specifications. The paddleboards designed for smaller kids are more straightforward, allowing them to get to grips with the sport. But you can also get ones that suit slightly older paddlers with features similar to adult paddle boards. These make the transition to an adult paddle board smoother and more familiar.

How To Choose The Right Paddle Board For Children

One of the main advantages of choosing a children’s paddle board is that they are generally less expensive. This is because kids tend to grow out of them after a couple of years when they are ready to move up to a full-size adult board.

Features of Freein Kid’s Stand Up Paddle Boards

At Freein, we pride ourselves on providing quality paddle boards at affordable prices. We insist on making paddle boarding as accessible as possible, no matter your budget, age, or requirements; take a look through our online store to see what we mean.

When it comes to children’s stand-up paddle boards, we offer various sizes to suit different ages, heights, and weights. Therefore, you can be sure to have something that will allow your kids to have the best time on the water while getting valuable exercise.

Here is a rundown of the Freein lineup of children’s paddle boards;

7’8 Kids SUP

How To Choose The Right Paddle Board For Children

The 7’8 kids inflatable stand-up paddleboard is specially designed for small kids and lighter paddle borders under 176 lbs. It is very versatile, so it can be used in lots of different conditions, but you love how fast it can go across the water. Its extra small size means it’s easy to transport and get in and out of the water, as it only weighs 12.5 lbs.

Kids benefit greatly from the stability of this paddleboard and its soft traction pad that provides lots of grip, creating a secure ride, even on choppy water. The 7’8 paddle board is exceptionally user-friendly and the perfect starter board for kids.

It comes with everything you need to get out on the water, including a double-action hand pump, a removable center fin, and an adjustable paddle.

8′ Kids SUP

How To Choose The Right Paddle Board For Children

This version of our kid’s paddle boards measures 8’x28″ x6″. It takes paddlers weighing up to 195 lbs making it ideal for kids and teenagers who want to get out on the water but are not quite ready for a full-size adult board.

The 8′ kid’s SUP features our super soft traction pad for extra grip; therefore, it is suitable for use in a variety of conditions. It features a flat speed tail, which improves glide and is enhanced by a robust and speedy fabric surface. Therefore, it is incredibly good fun to paddle, encouraging kids to get out on the water more often.

One of this board’s really cool features is that it is fitted with a camera mount on the nose. It is suitable for action cameras, such as a GoPro, or other waterproof devices, so you can capture footage and pictures while your kids enjoy themselves.

This kid’s paddle board comes with a fiberglass paddle, a pump, a leash, and even a repair kit. Therefore you don’t have to buy any more accessories; you can simply turn up at the water’s edge, pump up the board and go paddling.

9′ Kids SUP

How To Choose The Right Paddle Board For Children

The 9′ kid’s SUP takes paddle boarding to the next level for young paddlers. It is very similar to our adult paddle boards as it features a bungee cargo area so you can carry everything you need for a few hours on the water. It also has a camera mount for capturing great footage.

Due to its extra width of 29 inches, it provides lots of stability which is helped by the three-fin system. The fins also help the board track through the water providing maximum control.

The board can take a maximum load of 215 lb and is designed for older kids with some paddle boarding experience. Kids can have lots of fun on this paddleboard; its stability and speed make it the perfect SUP to take their paddling to the next level.

Now Go Paddle!

Kids can use pretty much any paddleboard you give them. However, they will have a much better time on a smaller kids-specific paddle board. It is easier to paddle and control, meaning they will have much more fun and be encouraged to lead a more active lifestyle.

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