How to Dress For Overnight Hiking: A Beginner’s Guide

Do you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors? Maybe you like nothing better than a night spent camping out under the stars, and a day spent hiking.

There are many proven benefits to spending time out bush, including benefits for physical, mental and emotional health. Those who spend more time active and outdoors tend to have a better quality of life than those leading a sedentary lifestyle.

But what if you’re new to overnight hiking? In this useful article, we’re going to explain how to dress for this activity.

Invest in a Good Jacket

To start with, buy a good quality weatherproof jacket. You can find this item both online and in physical outdoor stores.

A good quality weatherproof jacket will help to keep you warm and dry on overnight hikes, in case of rain, damp or misty conditions. This is super important because if you get saturated you will feel cold, wet and miserable.

Depending on if you are hiking in summer or winter, you might opt for a lightweight or a heavy jacket respectively. Remember, you can always take off a layer in warm weather, but in winter if you run out of layers to put on you might get quite cold.

Hiking Boots

Next up is a decent pair of hiking boots. These are essential, as you can’t complete an overnight hike in sneakers or runners. Well, you might be able to, but your feet will be incredibly sore at the end of the hike.

Great hiking boots will support your entire foot, while also keeping your feet snug and warm. They should also be sturdy and rugged, and if you look after them they will last for many hikes to come.

A Good Quality Hiking Shirt

The next piece of clothing you’ll need is a zip-up shirt. These are perfect for night hikes because they can be worn over a t-shirt to provide extra insulation, as well as being comfortable and stretchy. The zipper helps with ventilation, so you can unzip it if you become too warm while hiking.

Hiking Pants

hiking pants

A good pair of hiking pants is essential for any hiking, let alone night hiking. These pants should be tightly woven and made up of either nylon or polyester. They are breathable and quick-drying – so in case you get a bit damp they should dry out during the day. They are also good protection against ticks and leeches.

Thermal Underwear

The next items of clothing you should acquire when preparing for an overnight hike is a set of thermal undergarments. These are tops and bottoms that are specially designed to keep you warm, by trapping your body heat.

Temperatures can get quite cool at night, even in summer if you’re in alpine areas, so thermal underwear will work to keep you warm while you hike during the evening. In case you are camping out as well, they can also work to keep you toasty while you sleep.

Suitable Gloves

Next up is a decent pair of gloves, to keep your hands warm at night. You’ll want a set of fleece-lined gloves, as these are the warmest.

Summing Up

In this handy blog, we’ve explained the basic clothing you’ll need for overnight hikes. Get a decent weatherproof jacket, as well as a pair of rugged hiking boots. Next, get a good quality shirt, and a pair of thermal underwear. Finally, a pair of gloves will top off the outfit. Remember to swap out heavy/lightweight items depending on the weather, but also be prepared for cooler nights even in the summertime.

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