How to Improve Your Shooting Accuracy?

how to improve your shooting accuracy

Whether you are a beginner or a professional rifle shooter, you all have been there where every shot was just out of range. The current of air is perfect and the animal target is already under your nose, but you just can’t shoot accurately.

Shooting takes a lot of practice and bullets to perfect it. You need quite a few things to consider in improving it. Not all rifle scopes are expensive and range from $500. There are affordable ones that only cost $200 and are already quite dependable and accurate in terms of performance.

If you are a beginner or an intermediate shooter looking for a replacement or a new one, you can find some of the best rifle scopes under 500 and they are already a perfect deal. You just have to look through many options and research to get a good one.

Aside from having a good quality rifle scope, you can also follow these tips to help improve your shooting accuracy.

Practice More During Offseason

During offseason, you can have more time and opportunity to practice since there are fewer people and fewer major activities going on. It is the time when you can refresh your skills and develop them by practice. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect” and it is undeniably effective most of the time.

We all have our comfort zones and for sure, shooters and hunters also have their comfort levels and cutoff distances. However, with thorough practice and repetition with a good amount of focus, improved shooting accuracy can be achieved.

When going for a hunt, you can set rocks as great targets. Shoot first at your comfort range then little by little, you can go over a couple of shots at a farther distance.

Do not settle for just a shot but instead pay close attention to details and always consider your surroundings. Take note of your shooting pattern, the current of air, the weather, and the distance of your shot.

Get Rid of the Bipod

Bipod is typically used on firearms like machine guns and rifles. It provides shooters the ability to rest their weapons on objects or on the floor for ease and comfort, reduce their fatigue, and primarily to increase stability.

Although they can give comfort during prone shooting, they are not necessary to use at all times. Using bipod during rifle shooting does not really improve accuracy but rather affect it when not used correctly.

Practice Shooting in Uncomfortable Positions

At times, when you are at a comfortable spot, you tend to just be good at a specific position because you are already used to it but when you move in an unexpected position, you lose accuracy.

Practicing in uncomfortable positions allows you to easily shoot at different angles more naturally and with more accuracy.

Thus, uncomfortable positions often times give you the best and accurate angles to shoot your targets. Lying on the ground, sitting on a branch of a tree or resting on a rock are only some examples of uncomfortable positions that you can apply in your regular shooting practice.

Author: Cohen Talley, a hunting enthusiast.


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