How To Make Fishing Lures Out Of Household Items – Best DIY Lures Tips

Do you know how to make fishing lures out of household items? It’s absolutely easy to do!

With just a few – and simple – materials, you can make your own lures quickly. It’s also cheap to do, so you don’t have to spend money on lures. You can simply gather regular materials at home, and your lures are ready for use.

From carp to catfish, snapper, and many others, you can use your DIY lures to catch them all! How do you do it? Glad you asked – we have these simple and fun tips on how to make homemade fishing lures just for you. Let’s get started!

How To Make Your Own Fishing Lures – Household items & More!

how to make your own fishing lures

Learning how to make homemade fishing lures is ridiculously easy. The thought may seem intimidating for some but it’s really not that difficult at all.

Here are some homemade fishing lure ideas you might want to check out for your next DIY project.

1. Wood

It’s so easy to know how to make fishing lures out of wood. In fact, all you need is any old piece of wood such as a broom handle or some dowel pieces.

Shape the wood in a circle. Then, using your power drill, create a hole in the center. Twist a piece of wire and insert this into the hole. Next, you can simply attach some hooks and keep these in pace with wood glue.

Paint the wood with red and white, which is most effective when trying to catch different species of fish. You may need to experiment on the best size of lure that works best for your target.

2. Metal


A metal spoon is a fantastic material to use for a homemade spinning lure. Cut the handle off and drill some holes and both ends of your spoon. Attach some treble hooks into the holes and insert a swivel for your line.

You can also use the handle of your metal spoon, if you wish. This depends on the fish you’re targeting to catch, since some could use a bigger lure while others would need a smaller lure.

Another option for a metal lure is a coin. Drill a hole on either end of the coin and insert the hook. It’s a trial and error process in determining which color of coin works best – silver, gold, or copper.

3. Bottle Caps

bottle caps

This is a fairly easy thing to find as there should be many of these bottle caps or beer caps lying around in your home.

You can even look around in the neighborhood, on the beach, or the park for bottle caps. Usually one side is colored while the other side is gold or silver. Fish go crazy for shiny, flashing objects that they see, making a bottle cap a great choice for your fishing lures.

Use your pliers to fold the cap over. It should be folded over the top portion of the hook line’s connection section. You can also attach the folded bottle caps to your treble hook, which can help to boost hook success.

If you want to spend a bit more time on your bottle cap lure, you can create holes on each end of the cap that’s folded over. No drill available? Simply grab a nail and hammer and use these to punch holes through.

4. Hook, Nylon Thread, Piece of Cloth

Thinking of catching trout? Your best bet for doing so is with flies. Get a few materials in hand – your nylon thread, a piece of cloth, and small hook. Wrap either a piece of cloth or nylon around your hook, which would make it look like some local insects.

It would be better if your hook wrapped with nylon or cloth can float right on the surface. If it does not, just reel the fly in and throw it out a few times.

If you would rather make some jigs for bigger fish, you could use a larger hook. Grab some lead, as well, which adds some weight to the jig. Make your jig out of cloth, animal fur or feather. If you have brighter feathers, that’s even better. This will be more attractive for your target fish.

No fur or feather available? You can do away with a paracord, some grass reeds, rope, rubber cut into thin strips, or any frayed material as an alternative. You can also melt lead, which works well with a sinker mold.

5. Rubbish

DIY lures are so fun to make because you can literally use just about anything – even rubbish.

These things may be of no use to others but you can breathe new life to these rubbish by turning them into lures! This includes small piece of in foil, cigarette butts, bottle tops, or white plastic pieces. Shape any of these things in a way that resembles a fish and make it move fast while in the water.

Got some pull-tabs from a soda can? Use these as a lure, and it works well. Cutting your beer can into thin aluminum strips is also good, then thread these strips onto your hook.

Additionally, you can fold bottle tops over, which you can use as your fishing lure. It’s all about thinking out of the box and using your creative mind to come up with these great options for DIY lures.

Final Thoughts On How To Make Fishing Lures Out Of Household Items

When you are out somewhere remote, and you find yourself in need of quick food, fishing is a great way to make this happen.

Fortunately, you can easily make your own lure using regular items. With a hook and a line, you can start catching that fish for food.

Just be sure to steer clear of fallen trees and coral, which can cause your DIY lure to snag up on. If this happens, you will end up losing your hook, line, or lure.

Whether for the purpose of saving money, or needing something quick and easy, you should try making fishing lures out of household items for practical and creative purposes!

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