How to Plan the Ultimate Ski Trip

Skiing is a fun activity that will have you enjoying the sights while feeling exhilarated. Whether skiing alone or with friends, you must prepare for the trip of a lifetime. You should consider these steps, as they can make or break your trip.

1. Choose Your Destination

The first part of any trip is choosing your destination. While there may be only a few ski resorts near you, if you branch out, you’ll be able to discover the many stellar ski vacation spots in the United States. Remember to check with everyone else in your group about pricing —some places might be more expensive than others.

2. Pick a Place to Stay

When on a ski trip, you’ll likely be staying overnight. Would you like to be closer to the slopes, likely at a higher price? Do you mind a commute if you get cheaper lodging? Check into all your options. You may only know what’s the most cost-effective option for you once you try everything.

Remember to take others in your group into account. You should find lodging that will fit everyone comfortably without any issues. If you’re going with a group, you can see what they think about rooming closer or farther away from the slopes. Everyone will feel more involved with the trip if you also consider their preferences.

3. Figure Out Transportation

Next, you must figure out how your group will reach your destination. Is everyone planning on driving separately? Is flying within your budget? Ask everyone what they think about different transportation options and listen to their opinions. Generally, any trip over 100 miles signifies you should use a rental car — especially if it means you and your loved ones will be able to take the road trip together.

4. Make a Packing List

A packing list might seem tedious, but it’s the best way to ensure you stay on track. If you create a list for other trips, you should include one for skiing. A checklist can help you remember to pack crucial things like medications or hygiene products.

Make sure you pack in layers. You want to have a base layer that can disperse sweat, then additional ones that will keep you warm. Dressing in multiple layers will help you to keep moisture away from your body and stay warmer or cooler at a moment’s notice.

5. Choose Renting or Owning

If this ski trip is your first, you should rent your gear. Learning how to ski is no easy task and you might even decide it isn’t the activity for you. Owning is the best pick if you plan to take ski trips often. Purchasing your gear will be cheaper than renting it every single time, as long as you have somewhere you can store it at home. Knowing what you want to do going into the trip can help save you a lot of money and last-minute decisions.

6. Budget, Budget, Budget

You should have a budget for everything in your life to ensure you bring in more money than you spend. Some people prefer traditional pen and paper, but others find it more convenient to have the budget on their phones. Having a budget for specific trips is always a good idea to ensure you don’t eat into your savings.

You can make wise choices to make the trip easier on your wallet. Find your tickets for the lift online — buying them on the day of your ski trip is never a good idea, as they’ll be at their highest. Try to plan as much as you can in advance to stay ahead of all your expenses.

You should also budget your spending on food. The longer you spend on this ski trip, the more you’ll need to eat. Be sure to pack a substantial amount of snacks in your bag to sustain you between meals. You need to keep up your energy or it’ll be more difficult to get on the slopes.

7. Mind Your Health

When you’re skiing, you must remember your location and activity may affect your body. Be sure to drink plenty of water — even when you don’t feel like it — so you can be adequately hydrated for further exercise.

High altitudes can present their own dangers. Some people might develop altitude sickness, which has three different forms and can manifest in anything from a headache to fluid in the brain. Make sure to take it easy on your first few days if you need to get used to high altitudes. It might take a while to accustom yourself to the lack of air. Once you are sure you’re feeling your best, you can hit the slopes.

Have the Time of Your Life!

Skiing can be scary at first, but it’s almost always fun once you get started with it. Whether this is your first skiing trip or the thousandth time you’ve hit the slopes, you’re bound to have fun when you’re prepared. Preparation is vital for any trip you take and skiing is no different — though it’s more fun than many vacations you could take. Once you prepare accordingly, you’ll be ready to have the best ski trip of your life. Plus, you’ll be able to plan future ones with ease!

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