How To Remove Rv Interior Light Covers Safely and Easily

Have you been wanting to know how to remove RV interior light covers?

Perhaps, you need to increase the brightness of the light in your RV. Or maybe you need to do some cleaning around the light, which requires you to remove the cover first.

Whatever the reason may be, this step by step guide can help you out!

Discover the super quick and easy way to remove the cover in your RV interior light just like a pro. Check out these steps to get started.

Why You Need to Know How to Remove RV Interior Light Covers

Do you need some additional brightness in your RV?

If it is a little dim, then one quick way to boost visibility is to tinker around your light fixture.

For instance, knowing how to remove RV interior light covers can quickly solve this problem. With just a quick step, you can have an increase in the brightness that you want.

RVs come with a wide range of lighting fixtures.

But one thing is common with these – there are always covers added in for protection. This covering keeps them protected from damage when you are out in nature or while driving.

If you are fine with a bit of dimness in your RV, it should be fine to keep these covers on. However, removing them can help you to achieve the full brightness that these lighting fixtures offer.

Additionally, you might want to remove the cover from time to time when you do your cleanup tasks. Cleaning around the lighting fixture would be easier when you remove the cover.

In some cases, replacing the cover or light may be necessary. This is why you would want to learn how to remove RV interior light covers in this situation.

Once the bulb has already stopped functioning properly, you definitely need to remove the light cover to get it replaced.

How to Remove RV Interior Light Covers – Super Easy Steps!

Now that you know the many reasons why you need to learn how to remove RV interior light covers, let’s get to work.

The task may seem intimidating but you should be able to get it done quickly and effortlessly. These pro tips can get you started with this job without causing damages or problems with your lighting fixture.

1. Gather your materials.

Light covers usually come with some kind of fastening mechanism such as screws or clippings. So, you will need a pair of pliers and screwdrivers to get the cover out.

Furthermore, I highly recommend that you wear electrical hand gloves when you carry out this task. These gloves help to protect your hands from potential risks due to leaking current.

Also, you will be dealing with sharp tools, so it is important to stay safe and cautious.

2. Check for any openings.

Once you have your tools ready, the next step is to look for openings or screw outlets on the cover.

Most light covers for RVs come with plastic tabs located at the main frame’s back portion.

You can use your pliers to pop the brackets out, and you should be able to see those tabs that you will be working on.

Simply remove the tab, and then you can change the bulb. It’s that easy!

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You may find this video quite handy as a visual explanation on how to remove RV interior light covers. Since there are different types of light covers used in RVs, the process of removing them may vary.

Different Types of Fasteners for RV Light Covers

As I mentioned earlier, there are different mechanisms used for fastening the RV interior light cover.

For instance, there may be grooves that hold the light covers together. The cover oftentimes fits perfectly well into the groove found on the lighting base’s surface.

If this is the kind of fastener your light cover has, you can remove the cover by putting some pressure on the center. This should allow you to lift the cover out.

Latches also work similarly. When your light cover uses latches to secure it, a simple squeeze from either side of the lighting fixture should work. Pull back the cover as you squeeze the sides.

Now, with a pry mechanism, it can get a little tricky. Perhaps this is the type of fastening system your light cover has. In this case, prying the cover open to remove the light bulb is necessary.

Use a tool with a flat, thin head such as a screwdriver to force the light cover out. However, be very careful when doing so to avoid incurring damages to the cover.

But most importantly, always read instructions on your lighting manual before you take any of these steps. In many cases, your RV lighting may require specific tools and techniques to get the cover out.

So, it is always best to follow the requirements to prevent unnecessary expenses due to damages to the cover and the bulb.

Manufacturers may provide special instructions unique to the type of light cover you use. Thus, it is a smart idea to check for these specifications first before you go ahead and work on the light cover. This can also save you time and energy by doing what is necessary instead of making expensive mistakes.

Bottom Line

There are many reasons why you would want to know how to remove RV interior light covers.

For instance, you may want to clean around the light cover or add some brightness inside the RV.

And of course, there is the need to replace the bulb once it is no longer working properly.

With all these things in mind, make it a point to follow these steps and guidelines when working with the light cover of your RV. This will help you achieve your purpose while making sure that the cover remains in a good condition and not incurring damages along the way.

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