How To Stay Dry In A Sit On Top Kayak with These Simple and Practical Tips

Did you ever wonder about how to stay dry in a sit on top kayak?

When aboard a sit on top kayak, any wave – no matter how small – can cause you to get soaking wet. On the other hand, a sit-inside kayak is great for keeping you dry when inside your cockpit.

Despite the fact that you can get wet on a sit on top kayak, it still remains to be quite popular. For instance, you can easily get in or jump right out of the kayak.

Paddling is also easier with this type of boat. Thus, it should be a great option for those who are learning to paddle.

As for the issue of staying dry in the kayak, there are a few things you can keep in mind. Here are some techniques you need to know. Let’s get started!

Knowing the Basics of a Sit On Top Kayak

For the most part, sit on top kayaks are wider. The center of gravity is also higher compared to the sit-inside kayak.

Hence, you can remain stable in this type of boat. Furthermore, this kayak type is relatively unsinkable. The hull shape is closed instead of the design of the other type of kayak.

In the event that your boat capsizes, there is a lower chance of the kayak actually sinking. This boat comes with a self-bailing style of scupper holes. Thus, water will easily drain right out.

But do keep in mind that there is a drain plug fitted to the boat. This plug allows you to get rid of bilge water in the bubble area of the hull.

You should be able to empty the water easily by removing this plug. Then, go ahead and tip the kayak upward to drain the water.

Never forget to put the plug back on before you head out into the water. This way, water will not easily collect in the interior of your boat.

How to Stay Dry in a Sit On Top Kayak

Can you easily get wet when on a sit on top kayak?

The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, the wrong style of paddling can easily get you soaked in water. This is why before you hop on the boat, you need to have a background on the correct paddling techniques.

Furthermore, you should wear the right clothing. This is a huge help in case you get wet while on the boat.

As mentioned earlier, scupper holes come in handy when you need to drain the water. But at the same time, these also allow water to get in. With this in mind, you should use decent-sized scupper plugs for your boat. It is particularly handy when paddling in the cold water.

When you have the right size and quality of scupper plugs, you will find it comfortable to paddle. Most importantly, you will be able to stay warm instead of sitting in icy cold water.

The next thing you need to do is to invest in a good quality bilge pump. This can prevent water from getting on your seat. However, it is more suitable and more necessary when paddling at sea. Being in the lake or river should not be much of an issue, yet it is great to have this to prevent water from getting inside the kayak.

What if you don’t have any of these tools? What do you need to know about how to stay dry in a sit on top kayak?

If budget is a concern, or you have none of those plugs or pumps, then you can get away with a good old sponge. In fact, a sponge is a quick and effective alternative to stop water from getting inside the kayak.

Simply place these in areas that can easily get water, then problem solved. Keep them handy whenever you go paddling.

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Additional Tips on How to Stay Dry In a Sit On Top Kayak

Now that you know more about some enhancements for your kayak, let’s talk about clothing.

To stay dry in your sit on top kayak, the right type of clothing is very important.

You need to choose carefully what to wear, so you do not end up getting soaking wet while paddling in your boat.

Ideally, water-resistant clothes are your best bet. These should help you stay warm, dry, and comfortable while you paddle.

Additionally, you need to consider the season and temperature when you choose your clothing. Even if you are paddling in the summer, it can still be quite cold. This is particularly true when you are out in the water.

Hence, it is better to be safe than sorry before you head out.

Cotton is not the best option since it retains water. It also reduces your body temperature, which means you can get cold.

Plus, if you paddle faster, the sweat building up on your body will only get absorbed by your cotton shirt.

Having a supply of extra clothes with you can also help. Be prepared before you head out to make sure you don’t get drenched in sweat and water when you are on your boat.

Bottom Line

Paddling is a fun and exciting activity that also energizes your body. There is nothing more invigorating than to witness the outstanding views as you paddle in your kayak.

But then again, you want to know how to stay dry in a sit on top kayak to enjoy the experience even more. Since this type of kayak increases your chances of getting wet, it helps to be aware of certain practices to prevent yourself from getting soaking wet.

With all these things in mind, we hope that our post helped you determine the right techniques to stay dry in a sit on top kayak. Then, you will be ready when you go out to paddle and have the best time of your life!

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