How To Unblock Spotify At School, Work or Anywhere

Agree that with music, all the work makes it faster and more fun. We listen to music on the way to work, during cleaning and even before going to bed. But what to do if your favorite service does not work. Looking for another platform is sometimes too difficult. You will have to collect any songs in the playlist again. How to unblock Spotify?

Is it possible to unblock?

Despite the fact that the company’s policy says that all users can freely listen to music, the program does not always remain available. Blocking in your favorite service is unpleasant, but it should be noted, not a disaster. The developers of the program can block it for several reasons. The user may violate the terms of the agreement or the company’s rules. In addition, the service may not work in some regions.

The platform can be opened again with a couple of tools.

  • Changing proxy servers.
  • Using a VPN.
  • Using the web player
  • Change of location.

If you look carefully at all the methods, you will notice that there is nothing complicated about them. Even a non-advanced user can easily follow all the steps in accordance with the instructions and become part of an amazing application again.

Changing the location

If the blockage occurred due to work restrictions in a certain region, then you should first try to change the device settings. In addition, this method is suitable for those who have moved to another country or just went on a trip. Now all devices automatically detect the user’s location in order to produce the necessary results. But the location can also be changed.

If you need to access the program from a region where it is completely blocked, then you can simply change the location. At the same time, check if the apps are missing from the stores. The user can change the region on the device itself and try to install the program again.

In addition, the location can be changed in the Spotify program. The user data is specified in the application settings. In them, you can change the country and get to work. But the system does not always allow you to go further, even if you have changed the region. In addition, it is not always convenient to change the region back and forth. For example, if a person goes on vacation. Keep in mind that if you completely change the location, then some settings on the device may change. If such a method did not help. Then you can try other steps.

Changing Proxy servers

This method works almost 100% of the time, but there is also a big minus. Changing the server is not safe for the device. You can find a proxy site in any search engine on the Internet. There you should also specify the program or server to which you want to apply the changes.

Using a VPN

Virtual networks have become very popular among Internet users. It’s about the very principle of how programs work. They help to hide not only the location, but also the actions on the network. This option is considered optimal because the connection is reliable and anonymous.

You can download a VPN on the Internet. Again, choose only verified sites where you will not be able to download the virus along with the necessary program. Criteria for choosing a VPN program are:

  • First of all, its safety should be evaluated. The program should hide user data and not upload anything to the device.
  • In addition, you should evaluate the connection speed. It must be stable or listening to music will just be a mockery.
  • Rate user reviews. As a rule, users like to talk about the shortcomings of the program. If there are too many of them or they will actually work, then it is better to abandon the application.

When connecting to a VPN, the system will offer several servers in certain regions. You can choose any one. If one does not work or is limited, then you can simply switch to another.

Using the Web Player

The web player can be obtained on the official website of the company. It can be opened via any browser. In the player, you must go through the standard authorization procedure to get access to the program.

But there is one problem. The player may also be blocked. In this case, there is nothing left but to download a virtual server or turn to proxy servers. If you choose between these two options, then the first one is safer and more reliable.

Your account may be blocked not only because of your fault. If your account has been blocked, do not worry. There are many ways to fix the situation. A few actions and you can enjoy your favorite tracks again. The main thing is to find the best way that will fix the problems and not add new ones.

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