Before you can join any serious university, let alone a top world university, there are certain boxes you have to tick first. For starters, you need to ensure you ace the tests and fill out all the necessary application forms. You then need to write a killer application essay to convince the admission board that you deserve a place there. This is when things can get tricky. Even though an application essay isn’t that long, it requires you to stay attentive and nail every bit. Do you know what you need to pay attention to? This article will tell you.

  1. Don’t skip the rules

A serious university board, especially one from a top university, will pay close attention to how well you can adhere to the rules of an application essay. It tells them you will also adhere to the University’s program. In this case, the rules apply to your application essay. You need to read and understand the instructions for this kind of essay. Don’t start the first sentence before you read and understand everything that is required of you. Pay attention to the page and word limits. Make sure that you have everything you need to write a good essay. Keep your notes close by, and then begin crafting your essay. Start with a draft before you can write the main essay.

  1. A killer introduction always works

You are not the only one trying to get into a prestigious university. Thousands of students have applied for the position. That means that the admission board will have thousands of applications to read. They will probably have a few minutes to glance at your application essay. Make the introduction catchy. Intrigue the admission officer and make them spend a little more time reading your application. A vivid first paragraph always does the trick. The first paragraph should tell your reader what you want to say. Open with an anecdote or tell a compelling story that shows your personality and character. This will help the officers to step into your shoes and know who you are.

  1. Plagiarism is a “no-go-zone”

Nothing says you are not serious like a copied application letter. This means plagiarizing what has already been written before. Remember, the admission board needs to know who you are – there is a very high chance that no one is quite like you. Use your inner voice to communicate with them. Students always have to use a plagiarism checker to fix plagiarism in their text. You can click to read more. With a plagiarism checker, you can ensure that the words used are truly yours. Make the admission board know how knowledgeable you are in the subject matter and tell them how the program you have chosen will help you succeed in the future.

  1. Always be original and authentic

In the same spirit of avoiding plagiarism, you need to ensure that your essay is original. Originality means using phrases and words that aren’t clichés. No one wants to read the same thing over and over. As much as you’re encouraged to read other great application samples, it’s not recommended to borrow words and phrases that are too common. Find a way to communicate using your own voice. Read through your essay and delete old phrases and clichés. Because admission officers read a lot of essays, they already know what they are looking for. Offer them something unique that brings your personality and approach to life.

  1. Support your viewpoint with good examples

A good college application essay should offer a glimpse into how you think and view the world. However, there is also a need to be practical and offer relatable examples. Your viewpoint obviously agrees with what is already out there, so don’t be afraid to give one or two examples to support it. You can research the essay question and then figure out how it relates to you. From there, work out an angle to use in your writing. Even when a fact is clear to you, stating it out blankly may not offer much to your reader. Talk about experiences that made you adopt what you believe in.

  1. Ensure your essay is well-organized

There is always the need to be as expressive as you can be. However, every essay must have a plan. Because an application essay has a maximum number of words, you want to make sure that you don’t cover unnecessary subjects. Stick to a good structure and only communicate what is valuable. That means you must have a plan before you begin writing the first sentence of your essay. 

  1. Proofreading is a must

Once you have written your college application essay, you want to make sure there are no typos and grammar mistakes. This means reading it over and over to identify what doesn’t need to be in there. The best and easy way to proofread your text is to ask someone to read it. They will more likely see mistakes that you can’t see yourself. 


Joining a top university isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. You need to ensure you craft a good application essay that distinguishes you from others. There are a lot of tips to pay attention to. This article has given you the top tips to check out.

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