Hunting With or Without Dogs: Pros and Cons

Hunting with dogs may be a controversial topic for some, while an exciting experience for others. Although it is banned in several states in the USA, it is still permissible in the rest of the states. Hunting dogs are properly trained and are called hounds. Some breeds of hounds are better at smelling the target from far away, whereas others are better at sighting the target from a distance which a normal human being may struggle with. It obviously also requires great shooting skills and if you want to improve your hunting, you should consider getting a good scope for your .17 HMR rifle.

However, hunting with dogs has its own advantages and disadvantages that you need to be aware of in case you’re on the fence to start hunting with dogs. Keep reading!

Pros of Hunting with Dogs

1. Saves Time and Effort

In terms of basic hunting, it may take the hunter an entire day to spot their target and at times they aren’t able to spot even one, regardless of spending the entire day waiting for their target.

As some breeds of hounds have an excellent sense of smell and sight, they can save you extra time and effort rather than wasting your entire day. If there’s no trace of your target, the hunting dogs can help you know this ahead of time, so you can move on.

2. Fast-Paced and Exhilarating

Many young hunters prefer hunting with dogs, as they find modern ways of hunting to be too tedious and slow-paced, as they are required to stalk from a tree stand or a bush.

Whereas, hunting with dogs is always full of thrill. You never know what is going to happen next and when will your hunting dog be able to locate the target. This requires you to always stay alert and shoot as soon as you see the target.

3. Hones the Hunting Skills

As hunting with dogs is quite fast-paced, your hunting skills are also polished along with it. You need to be extremely active as you have to take a shot on a moving target. Therefore, your reflexes and marksmanship also get better with time, and you learn from your mistakes to help you perform better in your future hunting adventures.

Cons of Hunting with Dogs

1. Hunting Dogs May Trespass

As you may already know that it is not allowed to hunt on someone’s private property without their permission as this will be counted as illegal, and you may also be accountable for the damage to local wildlife and property.

And you can’t control where the hunting dogs run off while chasing your target, therefore, there’s always a risk of getting involved in extra trouble.

2. Hard to Hit Moving Target

As hunting with dogs requires you to shoot a moving target, not every hunter is qualified and skilled enough to do so. If a hunter is not skilled enough at shooting, it may cause more pain and harm to the target.

It’s important to hunt ethically and cause minimal pain to the animal when hunting. It’s only possible when you instantly kill the target. Whereas you may be required to hit the moving target twice or thrice to kill the animal, and this may increase its suffering.

3. May Cause Extra Damage to the Meat

As hunting dogs tend to attack the most tender parts of the animal first, this may even damage the gut sack, therefore, making the rest of the meat non-edible due to bacteria.

Additionally, if the dogs are not well-trained, they may damage the animals more than they should and may make the meat completely useless for you.

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