Important Things You Need to Carry for Camping

Before hitting the road most people will prepare a checklist to get an idea about what they are carrying with their RV. Even though you prepare a checklist sometimes you will forget some of the important items to add to the checklist. To get rid of all these headaches we have prepared a guide on some of the most important things you need to carry when planning for a camping trip. Let’s check them out.

If you are planning to buy an RV one of the most important things to consider is having a TV. If you have a TV then you can have lots of entertainment by sitting inside your RV if the weather conditions are harsh outside.

But having a mount for your TV is also important because you don’t know how the roads will be. If you are riding on bumpy roads with a not well-built mount then for sure your TV will have some jerks and sometimes it even falls. So to prevent this you need to have a good TV mount. Here are some great TV Mounts for RVs.

Things to be carried if you are camping

These are the important things you need to carry for camping.


These are one of the most important accessories to be carried when planning for a camping trip. The camping tents come in different sizes with different styles. Some tents will be like two-man tents and some will be like four-bedroom villa style.


Also, you need to consider the climatic conditions of the place you are camping and buy a tent accordingly. If you are planning for a solo trip then go for the tent with a small size. If you are planning for a group trip then plan for some large tents to avoid inconvenience.

Sleeping Bag and Sleeping Mat

Sleeping Bag

Taking a sleeping bag with you will always be an added advantage because the sleeping bags act like coolers. If you put cold things in it will stay cold and if you put in hot things they will be hot. Also, it is recommended to choose a sleeping bag that comes with two or three degrees less temperature when compared to the campsite or the campground.

A sleeping mat or a foam mat will also help you in a lot of situations. If the ground is hard or bumpy then a sleeping mat comes in. It will help you to have a great sleep and also prevent backaches in the morning.

Camping Chair

Camping Chair

If you want to enjoy sunrise or sunset and have a cup of tea or coffee then for sure you need a camping chair to enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are different models of camping chairs available.

If you are traveling on a bike a simple folding chair is the best. If you are traveling in RVs or camper trailers then you have a lot of options to deal with.

Head Torch

These head torches will come into play when you have to work in dark conditions like setting up a tent. The head torch or a handheld torch is considered one of the most important things to be carried.

When compared with handheld torches, head torches are more convenient as they don’t require holding in your hands and working. With this, you can make your work easy and there is also no need to depend on others to hold the torch for you.

Trekking Shoes

A pair of trekking shoes is always recommended to carry with you when you are planning for a camping trip. These shoes are not only useful for trekking but they also have other advantages like most of the time you walk on the ground that has uneven surfaces or spines. These shoes will protect you from missteps on spines and rocks.

Water Bottle

Carrying a water bottle with you all the time will keep your body hydrated. Hydrating your body is very important to prevent dehydration due to harsh sun rays. Prefer carrying a metal water bottle to a plastic water bottle. These metal water bottles can be used hundreds and thousands of times and they do not harm the earth.

Hats and Sunglasses

Most of the campers prefer carrying hats and sunglasses with them. The hats and sunglasses will protect you from direct sunlight. Also, the best thing is it gives you an adventure feeling. When it comes to sunglasses we always recommend using cycling goggles as they come with UV protection and are cheap.

First Aid Kit

Carrying a first aid kit with you is always important because you cannot expect what will happen next. If you have any injuries during your adventure the first aid kit will help you. Some of the things to be included in the first aid kit are:

  • Dettol
  • Betadine
  • Cotton swabs
  • Gauge cloth
  • Band-aid
  • Tablets like paracetamol etc

Mosquito repellents and sunscreen lotions

As you are staying outdoors you need to deal with a lot of mosquitoes. For these, you can use mosquito repellents. Mosquito repellents like Odomos will be great as they are gentle and cause no harm to the skin. Also, the smell is pleasant.

Keep in mind that whenever you are going out for a long time in day conditions take sunscreen lotion with you. These sunscreen lotions will help you protect yourself from the tanning of the skin.

Trash Bag

A trash bag is also one of the most important items you need to carry with you. If you found a campsite you will enjoy drinking some cool drinks or eating. After completing them you will throw them on the ground. This is not a good practice. You need to throw all this unwanted and waste stuff inside a trash bag and keep the campsite or the place clean.

This will help other campers enjoy the campsite as much as you did. So next time throw the waste stuff in the trash bag.

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