Is Horse Riding An Extreme Sport?

Horse riding is one of the oldest sports in the world dating back to ancient Greece at the Olympic games thousands of years ago. Today, horse riding comes in many different formats and it is spread all around the world.

People have been riding horses from the dawn of time, and over the years, they’ve managed to not only use horses as a method of transportation but also as a competition. Horse riding requires nerve, skill, balance, and timing, which means that it is heavily dependent on human abilities. Horses are amazing animals, as you can confirm in this list of 20 fun horse facts by TwinSpires.

Therefore, creating a competition where the best horse riders can ride these beloved creatures became very popular over the years.

Nowadays, horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the world, especially for bettors that absolutely love it! Since there are many horse racing events, bettors are constantly trying to gather information and make accurate predictions on their bets.

However, since horse riding to some is a method for relaxation and for others an adrenaline rush, there are mixed opinions on whether or not horse riding falls in the category of extreme sports.

Should Horse Riding Be Considered as an Extreme Sport?

There is no doubt that horse riding is an activity that requires immense skills and physical abilities. Humans are in control of a tamed animal, which cannot be controlled at all times. On top of that, horses can ride very fast, and jump over fences, which an injury can be devastating for both the human and the horse.

Therefore, horse riding should be considered an extreme sport.

It seems like insurance companies have the same thoughts about horse riding. Insurance companies consider horse riding to be an extreme sport due to the risk that riders take when they ride these incredible creatures.

Horse Riding Statistics

In order for horse riding to fall into the category of extreme sports, we have to look at the risk factors that come with horse riding. On top of that, many insurance companies analyze the number of horse riding-related injuries over the years and decide on whether or not it should fall in the category of extreme sports.

If we look at the statistics for horse-related injuries, we can see that horse riding is actually a very dangerous sport.

For example, 81% of horse riders will get injured at some point in their career, and over 100,000 horse riding accidents happen every year only in the United States. Most of the injuries 83% are caused by the rider falling off the horse.

There are also 710 horse riding deaths every year, which makes it 1 out of every 10,000 horse riders.

From these statistics, we can conclude that horse riding is actually a very dangerous sport, even more, dangerous than motorcycling and skiing. 

This is why most insurance companies consider horse riding to be an extreme sport.

Type of Horse Riding

Horse riding is an activity that can be separated into many different categories. Each category requires different riding skills. 

There are many different types of horse-riding sports, such as:

  • Polo
  • Eventing
  • ShowJumping
  • Horse Racing
  • Dressage
  • Para-Equestrian

And many more.

Not every horse-riding sport falls in the category of extreme sports. The statistics we highlighted earlier, are mostly gathered from Horse Racing, which is one of the most difficult and riskiest horse-riding sports.

So, the scary data shouldn’t push you from exploring your horse riding passion. Horse riding can also be very relaxing and put you in Zen mode without being risky in any way. This means that the risk factor that determines the extremeness of a sport is heavily impacted by the type of horse riding sport you choose.

Casual riding shouldn’t be considered an extreme sport, especially if you wear the right gear that will prevent you from getting an injury.

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