Motorboat or Sailing Yacht, What to choose for your Vacation?

Some people love going out to the sea and having an adventure instead of going on expensive trips abroad or hitting the casino during their free time. Yachting is one of the best ways to enjoy the elements of the open sea, and there are two ways you can do that.

There are two kinds of people that go yachting – the type that loves the adrenaline rush they get from the speed of a motorboat and the other, a quiet and relaxing sailboat.

We cannot tell you which is the better choice as it depends on the person’s preference. However, there are several fundamental differences between yachting on a sailing yacht and a motorboat.

Let us take a look into those differences, and you choose which one is the right one for you the next time you want to go out to sea.

Sailing Yacht vs. Motorboat – Major Difference

The biggest difference between a sailing yacht and a motorboat is how they are powered to sail the sea.

The sailing yacht uses its sails to maneuver through the waters. The speed at which it glides on the water depends on the power of the wind. People who love to enjoy the elements of the sea and take their time to reach their destination often opt for sailing yachts.

The motorboat is a modern take on the sailing yacht. It is powered by an engine that will generate speed without the need for wind or other natural elements. A motorboat is much faster than a sailing boat in most circumstances.

On a motorboat, you don’t need to waste your energy trying to maneuver the sails manually. One simply needs to steer the boat according to the direction they need the boat to go in. The motorboat is the right option if you want to reach your destination quicker.

The fundamental difference between these two types of yachting is how they are powered to sail the sea. By the way, I recently came across the Zeboats boat site, so if you are already thinking about buying a boat for your vacation, now you can pre-select online, which saves a lot of time.

What is the significance of these two types of yachts?

These two boats are used for different purposes in the sea. Although the primary goal is sailing, how they are used is different.

Sailing Yacht

People who love to spend time in the open sea will love to sail on the sailing yacht, as it gives a feeling of oneness with nature. Unlike the motorboat, you will not be bothered by any noise, and there are many other factors that make the sailboat a good choice while going to sea.

If you plan to sail with a small group of people, then the sailboat is the right option. A sailboat does not accommodate many people, especially the traditional ones.

There are, of course, bigger sailboats these days that can carry many people, but let us focus on the more conventional sailboat for this article. The average sailboat has a couple of cabins underneath the deck and a shared dining and sitting area, which can be used for sleeping also.

It offers a more adventurous journey to the sailors as they need to get their hands on deck if they want to move forward. The sailboat can offer lengthier trips across the sea and cover long distances even without the help of a motor engine.

Sailboats will do the trick if you are looking for long, romantic trips. The company you choose to have onboard for yachting on a sailboat is crucial as it is a strenuous journey sometimes.

You have to raise the sails or lower them according to the speed at which you want to move. If you are willing to move fast, you should raise the sails when the wind is at its peak. However, you don’t need to get involved in all the pulling and pushing as crew members will be tasked with doing those jobs.


With a motorboat, you do not need to depend on wind to deliver you to your destination. It is powered by an engine that keeps the boat stable irrespective of weather and other conditions.

You can sail through the sea at high speeds, and there is no fear of slowing down as long as there is enough fuel to power the engine. Motorboats are perfect for going on party cruises on the sea. They are designed in a way that their drafts are shallow, allowing the motorboats to navigate through shallow waters.

Instead of sailing according to the direction of the wind, motorboats give you the ability to create your own route and sail at top speed. They can accommodate many people on board as they are usually larger than sailboats and have many party facilities like bars, jacuzzis, pools, etc.

However, the disadvantages of a motorboat are the noise and the smell of the burning fuel. If you plan on enjoying the sounds of the waves while sailing on a motorboat, think again. The sound of the engine will cut off all sounds of the sea’s waves.

There is also the problem of the fuel smell that comes with a motorboat. The breeze will somehow bring the scent of the burning diesel inside the boat, giving first-timers a difficult time.

Motorboats are also more expensive in terms of maintenance. To power up the engine, you need fuel. So, it is necessary to invest a lot of money in fuel, leading to the price hike in motorboating adventure tours.

Final Thought

Yachting is an excellent activity to opt for during your free time, especially if you love the open sea. Whether you want to go on a party cruise on a motorboat or a silent, relaxed sailing on a sailboat, the choice is yours.

A motorboat will take you to your destination in all kinds of weather. You can reach your destination as fast as possible because of the speed generated by the engine.

A sailboat will, however, take more time than a motorboat but give you the experience of a lifetime. You can get more involved in the sailing process and also enjoy the ocean’s silence as you gracefully glide through the waters.

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