Olight Warrior Mini Problems Not A Deal-Breaker? Here’s Why…

You’ve probably heard about dozens of Olight Warrior Mini problems proliferating the internet.

But the honest truth is this – there’s no such thing as a perfect product. No matter how great an item may seem, or in spite of hundreds of raves it has gotten, there will always be flaws. That’s just how it is.

This is why we’ve decided to give Olight Warrior a second look despite the negative feedback it has received from some customers. And boy, were we surprised at our discovery!

It’s easy to assume that a product with problems is a no-go. But what if the benefits outweigh the flaws? What if the big picture tells you clearly that it’s worth the buck, overall? This is what we’ll investigate today – why despite the complaints about the Olight Warrior Mini, it’s NOT a deal-breaker. At all.

Olight Warrior Mini Problems… Not A Problem?

We all know that a good flashlight is a lifesaver while a bad one is the exact opposite.

Olight has gotten a bad rap for blowing up rather than illuminating your way. There’s always a story to tell about this brand – from forums online to your co-worker buddies in the office.

But truth be told, we did not see any significant danger to this flashlight when we tested it ourselves. In fact, we were thoroughly impressed with what we’ve seen, so far. Although we’re not here to change your mind about how you feel about the Olight Warrior Mini, we’re only here to share with you our personal experience and why we think it’s a worthy buy.

If Looks Could Kill…

From the outside, the Olight Warrior Mini is plenty sexy. It’s got an elegant shape and smooth feel, which makes it far from being cheap-looking.

Moving past the looks, this bad boy has a lot to give. For a mini flashlight under 90 bucks, it’s crazy bright. It has a maximum light output of 1750 lumens, so that’s one awesome thing to use when in pitch-black situations.

Speaking of brightness, you can easily adjust it using the little sensor it comes with. It auto-dims or increases the amount of light as necessary, and you don’t even need to do anything to activate this feature. Doubting Thomases may easily assume it’s a gimmick but after testing it ourselves, it actually works.

Another thing we like about the Olight Warrior Mini is that it uses a Samsung-made custom cell. They’ve decided to step away from Nuon batteries and go for a much better power source, which comes with internal protection circuits for safety purposes.

Final Thoughts About The Olight Warrior Mini Problems

Sure, we’ve heard dozens of Olight Warrior Mini problems in the past but after seeing all of these upgrades, we’re confident that this brand can easily make a big comeback in the market.

This goes without saying that we cannot recommend the Olight Warrior Mini highly enough. It looks cooler than cool, there are more safety upgrades, and it does the job. Period. No explosion but just a burst of the most awesome features for the price tag.

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  1. All Olight products are 100% junk. They all have faulty circuit boards and wires that will either blow up or catch on fire. I had a Olight laser/LED light on my Glock and just threw it in the trash. Not worth burning don my house over!


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