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using shrimp for catfish bait

Using Shrimp For Catfish Bait: Why and How to Use Shrimp Effectively

Catfish is a well sought after species because of how common they are in freshwater, as well as how easy they are to catch! However, you can only get successful catches if you choose...
when do catfish spawn in ponds

When Do Catfish Spawn In Ponds? About Raising Catfish

When owning a farm pond for catfish, there are so many things to learn about, with spawning being an important part. This is a natural cycle that breeds even more catfish for your enjoyment,...
what eats catfish in a pond

What Eats Catfish In a Pond? What You Need to Know

Having your own fishing pond with catfish is a great and attractive addition to your garden. However, you have to be wary when mixing in other fish together, especially if they are of different...
how to catch catfish during the day

How to Catch Catfish During the Day: Your Helpful Guide

Catfish are an underrated fish species, as they are huge, taste delicious, and can put up a fight with your fishing skills! That’s why I recommend that you try putting effort into catching these...
When Do Catfish Go On The Nest

When Do Catfish Go On The Nest? Key Facts You Need to Understand

When do catfish go on the nest? This is a question many anglers ask, yet are not quite sure of. You see, game fish are not always easy to catch… Especially catfish. This is why you...
how to tell if a catfish is pregnant

How To Tell If A Catfish Is Pregnant – 5 Quick Signs

You’ve caught a catfish and want to know if she’s pregnant. Why? Because catching a pregnant catfish would mean you need to release her back into the water. You don’t want to keep one that’s holding...