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shallow water ice fishing for crappie

Shallow Water Ice Fishing For Crappie

It was a cold snap in mid November in Northern Wisconsin. The lakes had just gotten their first ice extending out from the shoreline a few hundred yards, maybe 3 inches thick at most....
crappie fishing at night in winter

Crappie Fishing At Night In Winter – Expert Guide and Insider Tips

Crappie fishing at night in winter is tricky. But at the same time, this is an activity that draws many passionate anglers in. They love the challenge of trying to catch crappie even in the dead...
why is it illegal to sell crappie

Why Is It Illegal to Sell Crappie? Important Reasons to Learn

Crappies are a popular fish species that many anglers aim to catch for their delicious meat and the fight they give. While not easy to catch, beginners can learn a lot from catching crappie. While...
when do crappie spawn in arkansas

When Do Crappie Spawn In Arkansas? What to Learn About Spawning Season

Arkansas is well known for its abundant sources of fish and diverse bodies of water. There are a ton of fish species to focus on when fishing in Arkansas, but as far as table...
what does crappie taste like

What Does Crappie Taste Like? Is It Worth Eating?

One of the main reasons why we catch fish is to take them home for a delicious meal! And if there are one common fish many anglers aim to catch, it's the crappie. But...
best color jig for winter crappie

The Best Color Jig For Winter Crappie: More Catches In the Cold!

Did you know that it’s possible to fish for crappie even during the cold winter? While it’s a bit difficult given the freezing winter temperatures, it’s still possible to get a bite with the...
difference between black and white crappie

The Difference Between Black and White Crappie: A Quick Guide

As you learn more about catching crappie, you'll see that there are different types of them! You can find seven different species of crappie, which are the: Triploid crappie (or Magnolia) Stock hybrid crappie ...
what size hook to use for crappie

What Size Hook to Use For Crappie? Get More Crappies!

No matter what you are fishing for, you will need accurate equipment. It isn't just about having the sturdy rod, but the right sizes and types according to the water conditions and fish species...
crappie fishing after heavy rain

Crappie Fishing After Heavy Rain: What You Should Do

One of the best times to fish for crappie is during the spawning season, which typically the beginning of spring. However, springtime can bring rainfalls, which can disrupt the typical pattern of crappie. This...
when is the best time to go crappie fishing

When Is the Best Time to Go Crappie Fishing?

Crappie is one of the easiest fish anglers can catch, making them a great choice for beginners. But if you don't time your fishing trip according to their activity, then you won't be able...