The Top Off-Grid Supplies and Outdoor Equipment in 2021

the top off-grid supplies and outdoor equipment

There is a lot of interest in the idea and concept of going off-grid and investing in good quality outdoor equipment. Not only are these kinds of products and items important from the point of view of people trying to save a bit of money on their energy bills and to become more eco-friendly, they are also popular because a lot more people are spending time planning out action plans and sustainability plans for when disaster strikes.

With more volatile political situations in the world, riots, pandemics, wars, and natural disasters, perhaps you are like one of the many people out there who want to be prepared for when the worst happens, whether it comes soon or not.

If you are new to this train of thought and concept of living, but are interested in investing some money to keep you and your family safe, whatever happens, where do you start?

In the following guide, we are going to help you, by highlighting some of the types of products and supplies you should be spending your money on in 2021.

Solar Charged Devices

As off-grid living and outdoor survivalism means that you may not have access to the luxury of mains electricity, you obviously need an alternative solution to powering the appliances and equipment you need to not only survive, but to do so in a comfortable, and for want of a better word, more enjoyable fashion.

Top of the list therefore of things you need to invest in when collecting off grid supplies and outdoor equipment are things you can use to charge and power stuff using the sun. Don’t be alarmed if you are from an apart of the country that is not famous for a lot of sunshine. Solar powered items, including generators, do not necessarily require a lot of warm sunlight for them to charge and power your device and appliances sufficiently. It just helps makes things easier if they do.

When choosing solar chargers, obviously think about what you will be wanting to power up. While some are designed to work on just about anything, others, like smaller ones, are only designed to be used on smaller gadgets and gizmos like smartphones, laptops, and cameras. Rather than being solely guided by price and portability, as important as these factors are, look at how practical products are for your uses. You can find solar powered outdoor equipment & offgrid supplies at

Lighting Solutions

Something that you will definitely need to consider when planning for off-grid living or surviving outside in a tent or other shelter, is the lighting solution. While daylight is an untapped source of light during the waking hours of the day, you may not have the luxury of it even during those hours if you are out in the middle of a forest densely packed with trees cutting out a lot of the light.

At the very least, when the sun goes down, you will want and need something, just as you do at home, so you can see what you are doing in the dark.

This follows on nicely from what we were saying about solar powered items, because solar lights are probably your best option too. There are lots of different lighting solutions available. For instance, if you are looking to light up a unique and awkwardly shaped cabin, shelter, or tent, you will want a solution that can be easily adapted to suit the surroundings.

Solar powered or rechargeable string LED lights are a great option, as you can install them just about anywhere and thanks to the string element, they can be used to run around curved edges and uniquely shaped structures, to provide you with the light you need.

For outdoor living, you may not always want to rely on big and bright fixed lighting solutions. That is why it is recommended that you invest in a torch, flashlight or even a practical headtorch. Headtorches are popular as they leave your hands free, which may be crucial if you are trying to see in the dark in the wilderness.

Refrigerators and Coolers

Food is obviously very important. While you will probably want to invest in a lot of food that is long-lasting, like items in cans and packets for instance, if you really want to have a comfortable setup whether you are simple living off-grid in a traditional property or living out in the woods in a cabin or even tent or other form of temporary structure, then you need some way to keep perishables cold to prevent them from…well…perishing.

When choosing refrigerators and coolers, in addition to the same issues you have with other items in this type of living arrangement, you also have to consider how long food items are going to last in them. Think about the amount of people you are storing food for and how much power is going to be needed to ensure the cooler or refrigerator can do that.


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