Top 5 Smart Rifle Scopes of 2022

You may have heard of a new category of rifle scopes, optical devices that incorporate electronics and wireless technologies to better execute the primary function of a scope: accurately and repeatedly targeting bullets in a very small region across great distances.

You may know them as smart rifle scopes, e-scopes, or electro-optics. In any case, they all rely on technology to calculate an aiming solution, which is shown as a bright dot on a digital screen inside the scope. Laser rangefinders are a handy feature that can be found in some devices. Some people get ballistics information through a mobile app that uses Bluetooth wireless antennae. And still, others rely on “smart” rangefinders for electronic communication.

Let’s quickly review some rangefinder basics before getting into the best rangefinder scope.

How Do Smart Rifle Scopes Function?

Many manufacturers provide models with the same basic principle. Some scopes have this built-in so you may look through them, and some assist to adjust the reticle. The weapon’s laser rangefinder, ballistics computer, and Wi-Fi transmitter can stream video and audio to an iPad. Every shot is filmed and can be shared on Facebook or YouTube. A younger generation that utilizes social media and enjoys hunting and target shooting was the Tracking Point system’s target demographic.

Benefits of Smart Rifle Scopes

The Complete Package 

Consolidating your hunting gear is usually beneficial. You can concentrate more on shooting your shot rather than taking the time to get out a different gadget. There is one less piece of equipment for you to fuss over and worry about.


It is simpler to handle one piece of equipment than two different ones. As a result of their consolidation, these devices will share a battery pack. Additionally, you will only need to learn one gadget instead of two. 

Shot Speed

Since you can stay on target while determining distance, you can fire rounds more quickly. You can fire off more bullets if you maintain your aim while remaining in the firing position. So, keep practicing because practice makes one perfect. 

The Top 5 Smart Rifle Scopes

The Top 5 Smart Rifle Scopes

Swarovski Optik 5-25×52 dS PL

The Swarovski Optik 5-25×52 dS PL will simplify getting on target or taking down a deer from a great distance. Thanks to its intelligent software package. It boasts a quick and accurate rangefinder and excellent glass construction to guarantee a clean and crisp image.

  • Bright reticle.
  • The main tube diameter is 40 mm.
  • Accesses the configurator app.

ATN X-Sight Pro

With a sensor that is ultra-HD, the ATN X-Sight Pro provides an excellent viewing experience that gives a feel of watching television. It also has an Obsidian processor which is 4 Dual-Core. Additionally, it has an excellent night vision mode which helps you to hunt late into the evening also.

  • Slot or space for an SD card.
  • Recoil activated video record.
  • Easy-to-use zoom wheel.  

Revic PMR 428 MIL RX1

There is a ballistics computer in it. This makes shooting distant targets almost trivial by merging data from the user and the scope itself. The load attributes you enter are delivered to the device through Bluetooth while using the linked app.

  • Can adapt to changing humidity and temperature.
  • Excellent optics.
  • Both the left and right-handers can use it with different models.

Sig Sauer BDX Combo Kit

The Sig Sauer BDX Combo Kit includes both since you need to use the Sierra3BDX scope and a laser rangefinder to get the most out of it. By adding these to your smartphone, you may create an extremely sophisticated targeting system.

  • A smart indicator of kinetic energy transfer is there.
  • Low distortion and sound clarity.
  • Adapts nicely to a variety of calibers.

Steiner M7Xi

The Steiner M7Xi can handle almost every circumstance and is durable enough to be utilized in military applications. It contains a variety of valuable sensors. It also has an elevation adjustment turret which is low profile. This means that it will not obstruct a red dot.

  • Shockproof and fog-proof.
  • Quickly calculate ballistics.
  • Bluetooth functionality.
Steiner M7Xi

Upgrade Your Rifle Scopes Now

Given how fast the world is changing, you should switch to digital rifle scopes because hunting allows no guesswork. Not “pretty sure” or “near enough.” To succeed, we must be exact and meticulous with every shot. Digital rifle sights indicate the correct shooting position and you may have no doubts about firing the weapon.

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