What Are The Perfect Skateboard Setups For Beginners?

Lately, I’ve got a lot of questions from people about buying a new skateboard. Indeed, choosing a good skateboard among the thousands of designs out there is a big challenge. But if you follow my instructions and tips below, you’ll find it’s not as difficult as you think. Let’s dive into it now!

Choosing The Right Parts

To get a best beginner skateboard, you need quality parts. And here’s how you can choose good skateboard components.

1. Choosing the deck

Standard skateboards have an average size of 8″, and if you are a beginner, choose this deck size. If you are more of a tall side, then choose something between 8.0″ and 8.5″. And if you are going to pursue the street style with cool tricks, then choose a narrower deck, while a wider deck will be better for transition skating.

2. Picking trucks for beginners

Trucks are the part that supports your entire weight muscle so it is very important and you should never buy cheap trucks. Quality trucks usually last for years, while cheap trucks have a lifespan of only a few months. It takes a lot of time and effort to buy and replace trucks too often.

When it comes to skateboard trucks, you can consider one of these brands: Independent, Tensor, Venture, Thunder, Grind King. For cheaper options, you can go for CCS or Mini Logo.

3. Buying skateboard wheels

Choosing wheels depends entirely on what style of riding you choose.

Street skating: with this riding style, I recommend you go for wheels that are 50mm and 54mm (diameter), and 96A and 99A (durometer). Brands to consider are Bones, Spitfire, Mini Logo, and Ricta.

For transition skating, go for larger and harder wheels. The ideal wheels are 54mm and 58mm, and 99A and 84B. Take a look at Bones and Spitfire wheels.

For cruising or hobbing a few curbs, large soft wheels are the number one choice. The size of the wheels should be 58mm and 63mm with the hardness range from 70A to 92A. The list of reputable brands are Bones, OJ’s, Ricta, Powell Peralta, Cloud Ride, and Orangatang.

4. Hardware and tools

hardware and tools

Don’t forget this part as you will need them to secure the skateboard components in position. You need eight 1″ Philips heads and 8 Allen bolts. And to screw the screws you will need tools. Buy a multiple skate tool kit that includes all the necessary tools so you can assemble and maintain your board later.

5. Griptape

Your skateboard will look more beautiful and cool if you decorate it with grip tape. Also, the grip tape increases grip on your shoes. Usually, when you buy a complete skateboard, you get a free grip tape.

Recommended Skateboard Setups For Beginners

Building a skateboard on your own is beyond the quality and fun, but it’s also much more expensive since you have to buy the parts separately. If you have a tight budget, I recommend you go for a complete as it is always considered the best beginner skateboard.

1. Krown KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

This model sizes 8-inches in width and 32-inches in length. The size fits both beginner and more advanced riders. The board comes with 52 mm 99A PU wheels and

5-inch aluminum trucks. The design makes it perfect for popping tricks. For less than $100, what are you waiting for to buy this baby to enjoy the first ride?

2. POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard

If you plan to perform tricks like pro skaters, then this is definitely a super product that will give you the best experience. What I like about this buddy is the 54 mm 99A durometer wheel which provides great grip to the ground. In addition, this skateboard is also water resistant thanks to the use of special glue. Overall, this is a perfect board for beginners, stability and great grip is what will keep you skateboarding for a long time.

3. CCS skateboard

This skateboard will absolutely satisfy you. CCS has a structure suitable for beginners, specifically: the medium concave deck gives the rider better balance on the board, 52 mm 100a durometer wheels help you ride faster and smoother. As the deck is lightweight, you can carry it around effortlessly. With a price under 100 dollars, this CCS is the number-one choice of many beginner skateboarders.

4. Chrome wheels skateboard

The board comes with different designs, so you can freely choose whichever you feel is right for you. The deck is 31 inches long which is suitable for most newbies. The quality maple wood deck makes it flexible and can handle most riding abuse. 80A wheels – very soft which can absorb the shock well giving the rider smooth and stable rides.


In short, you have the option of either building a skateboard by buying individual parts or purchasing a complete skateboard. If you want a logo maker for your skateboard, here are the one for you. Otherwise, you choose the 2nd option then refer to my list of recommended setups above. Hope you will find this article helpful!

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