What Bait To Use For Sea Fishing – Our Expert Guide and Tips

So are you looking to fish and catch a bunch?

If so, then you’re in the right place! This special guide on what bait to use for sea fishing will help you set things at the right foot. With so many options for good bait, choosing just one can be tough.

Fortunately, we take you to an expert guide on what you need to do when choosing the best bait. Have a look at our expert recommendations to make things easier for you when catching fish.

Let’s jump right in!

What Bait to Use for Sea Fishing – Types of Fish and Proper Bait to Use

Maybe you’re a beginner angler. Or perhaps you just want to up your game.

No matter what type of angler you are, it can get tricky to find the right bait to buy. You need to know exactly what to expect from each.

Luckily, we are here to share our expertise in this field. Check out these top-rated baits that will help you achieve the best results from your efforts.

1. Shark


Are you interested in fishing for some sharks?

Well, if you are up for this adventure, then you need to gear up and get your bait ready for it.

There are a lot of sharks out there to catch but they can be a little challenging to lure. So, if you want to get yourself a nice, tasty shark, you should choose your bait well.

For instance, you need to consider the species you are targeting. Among the favorite choices are mackerel and bluefish. These are good options when you want to catch those sharks easily. Live bait is always a smarter choice than lures.

Although, we do want to point out the fact that a chum stick could work, too. This is particularly useful when you are attempting to draw sharks and attract them to come where you are.

2. Kingfish


Is it a kingfish that you’re hoping to bring home?

That’s a fine idea! And it is also quite easy because they work best with natural bait.

We recommend that you get yourself these natural baits instead of artificial lures. What’s great about natural bait is that you can attract this fish faster and easier.

A menhaden shad is a great option, and we also call these “pogies.” But of course, there are a few baits that you can use. These are equally helpful for catching a kingfish such as a squid and ribbonfish.

There are instances when you may luck out and get a kingfish by using a lure. But this is not always the case.

So if you want consistency with your catch, then it is best to settle with live bait. You will definitely have better luck with it.

3. Mahi-Mahi


These are exotic-looking fish that every angler would love. They come with that distinct appearance that makes them stand out easily from the rest.

So what’s up with the name, though? Well, this is rooted in the Hawaiian language that translates to “very strong.” No doubt it is tough to catch!

But with the right bait, you can score a Mahi-Mahi… And then some. We suggest that you use artificial and even natural lures, which this type of fish can never resist.

As for natural options, you have your live bait, squid, crabs, and a couple of small fish. These are definitely attractive in the eyes of a Mahi-Mahi, so it’s worth a shot for sure!

4. Cobia

Prepare to fight with this tough and highly aggressive fish.

The Cobia is a challenging fish species but then again, with the right bait, you should be able to snag them.

They thrive for live bait and lures. So if you have the right one, you’re in luck, my friend!

Cobia is a tasty kind of fish, so the fight to catch this one is absolutely worth it. You will have to choose what bait to use for sea fishing and catching a Cobia.

The best way to go is to choose those that this fish naturally enjoy. We’re talking about the menhaden, mullet, and also the pinfish. And then, you have your shrimp, eel, and crab. They are irresistible to a Cobia without a doubt!

5. Sailfish


Does the idea of deep sea fishing fascinate you?

Then, you should prepare to catch a sailfish! This fish species have that iconic, unique appearance.

At first glance, there is no denying they are highly attractive. But apart from the looks, they are very delicious, too!

So be sure to pack up on baits that the sailfish enjoy. These include octopus, flying fish, tuna, mackerel, squid, and mullet. Small fishes are equally effective for catching this fish, too. Lures can work but we suggest that you stick to live bait as these are proven to do a marvelous time.

6. Wahoo

Kind of a funny name, the Wahoo gives you loads of fun and excitement as you try to catch it. This fish is a little choosy with the bait you use, so be sure to know what it really likes. The right bait for this fish includes smaller fish. But they mostly love red, purple, and black lures most of all.

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Check out this video for more tips on best baits for sea fishing:


So are you finally ready to go sea fishing?

After knowing the baits and lures to use, we bet you are more than ready to get started!

We hope that you enjoyed checking out our tips on what bait to use for sea fishing. After learning this guide, we are eager to find out how it works for you! Go ahead and try these tips out, and we wish you great success in your next angling adventure!

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