What Can I Use to Clean My RV Shower? The Different Methods Explained

Cleaning your RV is a bit different compared to cleaning the house, though it does have its similarities! For your RV shower, you’ll need to stock up on the appropriate cleaning materials and equipment to ensure a clean environment for showering.

So, what can I use to clean my RV shower? Read on as I show you the materials to invest in and how to use them for cleaning your RV shower efficiently!

What Can I Use to Clean My RV Shower?

Cleaning your RV shower doesn’t need to be so difficult! However, you will need to maintain its cleanliness after each shower with simple cleaning tools, after all, this is not an ordinary shower, like you have at home, where you can close the curtain and wash, because there is not even any functional shower curtain rod here. You’ll also need to deep clean it with the right cleaning solutions at least once a month!

With that in mind, which are the best cleaning products to stock up on for an RV shower? These are the five to consider, with a short guide on how to use them properly:

1. Homemade Cleaning Mixture: Vinegar and Soap

This is a simple cleaning method that uses ingredients you can easily find at home.

All you need is:

  • One tablespoon of dish soap
  • One cup of white vinegar
  • Two cups of water

Mix these all together in a spray bottle, shaking the bottle to combine everything well. Afterward, just spray a thin coating of your cleaner over the shower.

Using a wet sponge, wipe the cleaner off. If you see thicker residue and grime, flip your sponge over to use the nylon scrubber side.

Once you have scrubbed everything clean, turn your shower on to rinse all of the cleaning solutions away from the shower and rinse your cleaning sponge. Wipe down your shower as you do this.

Open your shower door all the way, allowing the shower to air dry.

2. Homemade Mold-Killing Solution: Bleach

Do you have a moldy RV shower with some mildew? While the homemade cleaning mixture can work, it may not be enough for more severe cases.

Not to worry, as mold and mildew are a bit common in RVs, especially during warm and humid temperatures.

The CDC recommends creating your mold-killing solution by mixing one cup of bleach of every one gallon of water.

Simply follow the steps I mentioned brave, using a wet sponge to clean the shower with the solution. Make sure to focus on scrubbing the affected areas, especially around plastic walls and floors of the shower stall, along with the door frame’s cracks. For very tight areas, consider using Q-tips or cotton balls to reach all parts of your shower and get all the mold out.

Leave the solution for 24 hours and rinse well afterward. You may want to clean the shower and get rid of the bleach smell using the homemade cleaning solution.

You’ll notice that you have a mold-free shower that looks brighter!

3. Windex and Ammonia

Your RV shower stalls and/or tubs are made with heavy plastic materials, which would scratch easily. Because of this, the dirt would build up on the walls and floors, ruining the shower. This may also happen when using the wrong cleaning products.

The best way to keep your RV shower clean and in better condition is to ty using Windex and ammonia. This is a gentle material that can keep your RV shower or tub clean.

This method and cleaning material are best used after taking a shower. Once you’re done, wipe the entire shower area using a dry towel or squeegee. Then use Windex mixed with a few drops of ammonia to clean the shower’s glass and metal.

You can also use Windex with ammonia in the rest of your bathroom and RV, such as the sinks, mirrors, countertops, cabinets, toilets, and glass parts.

4. Typical Shower Cleaning Solutions

If the dirt is too much to bear that homemade cleaning solutions won’t work, you can opt for chemical-based cleaning solutions. This also saves the time of creating your solution.

There are many cleaning products available, just make sure that you use those that won’t trigger allergic reactions and that it’s completely safe to use on your RV and the shower material.

Using cleaning solutions is pretty easy since you just need to either mix it with water or spray it on the RV shower. Use a cloth or sponge to scrub the shower and rinse, then allow the area to air dry. You can also refer to the cleaning manufacturer’s instructions for any specific directions.

5. Other Cleaning Equipment

Besides cleaning solutions, I also recommend that you invest in other cleaning equipment suitable for the entire RV, including the shower.

I have air fresheners to keep the shower smelling fresh, as well as microfiber cloths and spray bottles to make it easier to clean the showers and to ensure that everything is wiped down well.

Another surprising cleaning equipment for the RV shower is a compact vacuum cleaner. This is helpful to remove any dry dust and dirt from RV showers, preparing the area for deeper cleaning. It’s multifunctional as well since you can use it for other areas of your RV.

Besides all this, you also have to make sure that YOU are protected as well! No matter the cleaning solution you use, make sure you have disposable and protective gloves on hand. This will keep your hands safe when using certain cleaning products that contain chemicals or ammonia. It also helps keep your hands smooth and healthy, especially when dealing with mold, chemicals, and other irritants.

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Do you want to learn more about how to properly clean your RV shower? Check out this informative video for more tips:

Wrapping It Up

It’s fun to live in your RV, but when it comes to cleaning, it can be a hassle! But don’t worry, as long as you have the right materials, your RV shower stays clean without taking hours to scrub and sanitize.

I hope that this article answered your question, “what can I use to clean my RV shower?” Do stock up on the right cleaning products and equipment to ensure that your entire RV stays spic and span now!

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