When Do Carp Spawn In Michigan? Fish the Right Time!

Carp is an awesome fish to target, though it can be quite difficult to catch if you don’t know when to go fishing. If you’re having a tough time catching carp, you need to learn the turnaround takes place, which is their spawning season.

However, spawning season isn’t the same throughout all states and you have to know the exact months carp spawn in the specific area you plan to fish in.

With that in mind, when do carp spawn in Michigan anyway? There are a few factors you need to consider, so read on and learn all about the spawning season in this state!

When Do Carp Spawn In Michigan?

carp spawn

Spawning refers to the release of eggs and sperm released into waters by fish. Carps can produce up to a million eggs, depending on their weight!

There are two common ways carp would spawn:

  • Females Ley their eggs on the sea bottom or aquatic rocks and plants on the water surface. The male carp stops to fertilize the eggs.
  • Male fish will use their rear or anal fin, pushing sperm to the female for egg fertilization. The fish will then give live birth.

In Michigan, carp will typically spawn in late April until August, depending on the climate. It may happen mid-March, though this is less likely for the state.

This highly depends on the water temperature, the availability of food, as well as the increasing length of daylight. Carp spawning in Michigan will begin once water temperatures reach 63 degrees F.

Based on the months and water temperatures, carp spawn during the springtime until early summer. Typically, especially in tropical regions, carp usually spawn one time, though it may happen multiple times.

That is why carps do not spawn all at the same time throughout all states. There are other varying factors (like the one mentioned above!).

These fish would spawn in grassy and shallow areas around lakes and watercourses of up to three feet deep. They typically spawn when water levels rise, which is where you should be fishing!

Based on this information, when is the best time within the carp spawning season to fish for them?

You are most likely to fish for carp during their post-spawn season, which is about late spring to early summer. This is the best fishing times, as carps will want to feed more compared to during the spawning period itself.

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Do you want to learn more about carp spawning seasons in Michigan? Check out this informative video:

Wrapping It Up

In Michigan, you can expect carp to spawn during their springtime until early summer. However, you are better off fishing for them during the post-spawn season, when they feed even more! Learning about the process of their spawning will be helpful in capturing more of them for your success.

I hope that this article answered your question, “when do carp spawn in Michigan?” Now that you know the answers, start planning out your fishing trip in Michigan at the appropriate times.

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