When Do Crappie Spawn In Arkansas? What to Learn About Spawning Season

Arkansas is well known for its abundant sources of fish and diverse bodies of water. There are a ton of fish species to focus on when fishing in Arkansas, but as far as table fare goes, crappie is still one of the best. That’s why many anglers aim to catch these tasty gamefish, timing their trips during their spawning season.

Why? Because crappie is most easily caught during the spawn! So when do crappie spawn in Arkansas, exactly?

Read on as I show you more about crappie spawn season in this state!

When Do Crappie Spawn In Arkansas?

One of Arkansas’ major fishing events is the annual crappie spawning season. It’s when everyone begins to gear up and prepare their boats to catch their first fish of the year!

Sure, you can fish before crappie spawning season, as they bite all-year-round, even during the coldest of weather. But if you want more chances of success, then you’re best off waiting until the spawning period. Plus, the weather is perfect and comfortable for both you and the fish!

But when exactly is spawning season for crappie in Arkansas? It doesn’t just depend on the season, but it also depends on the water temperature.

Crappie begins spawning once the water temperature reaches about 58 degrees. They will move towards shallow water once the winter coldness breaks, moving to spawn areas as it’s warm enough for them to reproduce.

The water temperatures typically reach the optimum temperature for spawning during the early spring in Arkansas.

This happens around early to mid-March, lasting until late spring to early summer, as crappies do not all spawn at the same time. You can even head on to the waters during February if the water temperatures reach optimum levels for spawning!

With that said, I highly recommend that you aim to fish for crappie between February to April, which is the entire spawning period from pre to post-spawn. This is also one of the best months to catch crappie, according to anglers.

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What Else to Consider About Spawning?

There is more to spawning season besides considering the start of the spring season! It also depends on where you plan to fish.

Shallow lakes tend to warm sooner compared to deeper ones, with water clarity determining the depth. Furthermore, those located in northern shores warm sooner than those in southern areas, as the former receive more sun exposure.

So you have to keep in mind certain things beyond the months:

  • Water temperature
  • Water depth and clarity
  • Location of the waters
  • Overall weather and barometric pressure

You can measure these with various devices or from research and weather predictions found online!

Also, take note that just because it’s crappie spawning season doesn’t mean you can get as many crappies as you want. It also all depends on your fishing gear and techniques.

Be sure to prepare for your fishing trip with the right baits, lures, and hooks to catch your crappie successfully. You should also check out the best lakes for crappie such as Lake Dardanelle!

Do you want to learn more about the crappie spawn period? Check out this helpful video:

Wrapping It Up

If you’re planning to fish for crappie, then the best times to do so is during their spawning period. However, the spawning period differs in every state, so it’s best to check before setting a date. In Arkansas, it usually happens during early spring, which is around March!

I hope that this article answers your question, “when do crappie spawn in Arkansas?” Now that you know the answer, start planning your fishing trip accordingly!

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