Where To Hunt Rabbits In Arizona – Top Places to Go to for Small Game Hunting!

Wondering where to hunt rabbits in Arizona?

If you are an avid hunter and would like to boost your success in catching your game, then you have to keep reading.

After all, not every place in this part of the world is teeming with small game. You need to be at the right place and at the right time to make sure you bring home that prized target.

So, keep reading and you’ll learn more about the secrets to rabbit hunting success in Arizona. Let’s get started!

Where to Hunt Rabbits in Arizona – Are You At The Right Spot?

For many people, hunting is not just a hobby; it is a way of life.

This is why they do everything they can to make sure their initial attempts are successful.

If you are trying to find out where to hunt rabbits in Arizona, you will be amazed to find out that these creatures are not simply everywhere.

There are many game animals throughout the state but you need to be at the right location to catch exactly what you are looking for.

In West Phoenix, for instance, you can easily take a quick day trip and get yourself in the hunting groove. This is home to various animals such as black bears, bighorn sheep, turkeys, antelopes, and similar big game creatures.

Moreover, this is where you can find small game including doves, pheasants, and rabbits. Yes, many species of rabbits are just romping around this part of the state!

But the question is, where exactly in Phoenix should you head out to find your precious rabbits?

Arizona Cottontails and Their Whereabouts

In Arizona, the most popular breed of rabbits that hunters look for is the Cottontail.

Although they are abundant in number, these creatures are quite mysterious due to the lack of information on their life histories.

One thing we know, however, is that there are many of these cottontails in the desert. On the mountains and eastern part of Arizona, though, there is not a lot of detail as to where to find them.

But what we are aware of is that these cottontails love to feed on green growth. Over the course of a year, a female cottontail can yield up to 5 litters with as many as 4 young bunnies. Mostly desert cottontails breed almost every season but specifically in the spring.

In Arizona, the hunting season for cottontail is all year-round. But the bag limit is only 10 rabbits a day.

If you wish to bag home your prized game, you need to head out to the perfect spot to catch these rabbits.

Cottontail species come in different types in Arizona. You have your eastern cottontail, desert cottontail, and the mountain cottontail. The toughest to catch would be the mountain cottontail as they are the smallest, usually around 22 ounces. Moreover, these animals are found in the Mogollon Rim at an elevation of 7,500 feet or more.

As for the eastern cottontail, these are larger than the former. They can go up to 52ounces, and there is an abundance of these rabbits in Central and Southeastern Arizona, specifically in the mountains. In fact, if you find the Coues white-tailed deer passing by, then you can pretty much guarantee that there are eastern cottontails hanging around, as well.

Lastly, the most abundant rabbit species is the desert cottontail. They are average-sized rabbits at around 26 to 44 ounces. You should be able to spot these rabbits in every county in Arizona, as long as the elevation is over 7,000 feet.

Check out this video for more ideas on small game hunting in Arizona – where to go and what you can find!

Additional Tips on Hunting in Arizona

When you are keen on hunting in this part of the country, you have to realize that it is a sport that is regulated and restricted to only certain areas.

There are limited places in the state where you can hunt, so it is important to know where you must go.

The AZFD (Arizona Game and Fish Department) designated regions for hunting. There is also a state-wide lottery, which determines the lucky individual who can own an Arizona hunting permit.

Region 1 is in Pine Top. This is the place to hunt for big game including elk, antelope, black bear, and deer. You can also find turkey in this location.

Region 2 is in Flagstaff. It is the place to go hunting for the mountain lion, deer, elk, turkey, and antelope.

Region 3 is in Kingman. If you are an avid hunter of the mountain lion, bighorn sheep, and deer, this is where you should go.

Region 4 is in Yuma. It is the perfect spot for your small game such as rabbit, dove, quail, and pheasant.

Region 5 is in Tucson. You can find an abundance of rabbit, dove, Javelina, deer, and quail here.

Region 6 is in Mesa. Among the game you can find are rabbits, doves, quails, and black bears.

There are also several units that make up those regions. Then, you will be a part of the drawing for an Arizona hunting license.

Many of these regions also have guided hunting groups to help you determine where to find the wildlife you intend to catch. This is why it is a great opportunity for beginners and hunters with their families.

Bottom Line

We hope this helped you learn more about where to hunt rabbits in Arizona. Now, you can go ahead and proceed to the exact spot where your prized game awaits you for your next upcoming hunting trip.

Be sure to comply with the policies and guidelines set by the state to ensure a worry-free hunting experience for you and your team! In case you want to learn more about Arizona hunting guides, you can check them out here.

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