Why You Should Always Carry a Knife When Rock Climbing or Hiking in the Wilderness

If you enjoy outdoor hobbies, like climbing, hiking, or camping, you might have some thoughts about carrying a knife. There are long-term hikers and climbers that have always carried a hunting blade, a pocketknife, and sometimes other blades, to cover all eventualities. These people would never go out on a trek without their knives and can’t imagine how they’d cope without them.

On the other hand, some people feel unsure about carrying a blade. They would rather cope without and find other ways to do things. They’ve managed without a knife up until now and would rather carry on that way.

However, these people are often spending longer on simple tasks, or using more energy than they really need to. If you are new to outdoor pursuits, here are some of the reasons you should always carry a knife, and some of the ways that other people use theirs.

Preparing Food and General Cooking Tasks

Even a small, lightweight blade from Blade-City.com can be exceptionally useful when it comes to preparing food. You’ll use it to quickly open packets and boxes, peel and chop, slice, and even pick up food. Even if you never intend to hunt, a knife can make preparing food outdoors much easier.

Starting a Fire in Damp Conditions

In dry woods during the summer, it’s typically fairly easy to prepare a fire, especially if you are an experienced camper. However, it can be much harder in colder, damper conditions.

Use a blade to whittle wood for shavings to start fires, to prepare larger pieces, and to shape your fire. You could do this with other tools, but it’s much faster with a sharp blade, and saving time is essential when it’s dark and cold.

Working with Cord

Hikers, and especially climbers, work with cord daily. Cord is strong, easy to knot, and the ideal material, but it can become stuck easily, and need cutting away in a hurry. Unknotting cord can be tricky, especially when wearing gloves or with cold hands, and a knife makes the process much easier.

Carrying a blade also allows you to cut lengths, and chop loose ends easily.

First Aid

Your first-aid bag is another essential item in your pack. While it might be filled with gauze, bandages, moleskin, and other safety essentials, and even a pair of scissors to cut them to size, a small, practical blade can make this a much quicker job.

Peace of Mind

Many new hikers carry a blade because they’ve seen a film or TV show where the hero has used a blade to ward off animals or otherwise protect themselves. The truth is, you are unlikely to ever use your blade for this purpose. But, carrying it can still offer you peace of mind. Life outdoors is unpredictable, things change quickly, and having a knife could make you feel much more comfortable.

The size and style of blade that you need very much depends on the kind of hike or climb you are undertaking, and where you are going. But, even on a relatively short trip, or a climb in a well-known spot, it’s always a good idea to have at least a small blade, or pocketknife, just in case.

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